The Importance of Color, Image and Words in an Advertisement

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The choice of color, image or words is at the heart of any advertisement. People get to be attracted to these before they can read what something contains. It is therefore essential to invest in the choice of the same. The target audience should inform the color and images that are to be used in any advertisement. For instance, in this case, the advertisement target adults who are in upper middle class or the affluent, therefore, the color used should be plain rather than shouting colors like baby pink or bright green. Further, the color used is controlled by the genre. (Writing Arguments A Rhetoric with Readings (10th Edition) Pages 201 - 250 - Text Version | AnyFlip) Seeing that this is an outdoor advertisement, color needs to be used lavishly. Color evokes emotions, for example, everyone knows that red signals danger.

Therefore, when creating an ad, it is essential that the company is keen on the feeling they will be evoked from the target audience. In the advert put out by Kuwadico, red is the dominant color, red denotes passion and love(Psychology of Color in Advertising | New Design Group), the moment someone sets their eyes on the advertisement, they get arousal that draws them closer to read and find out what the ad is about. It is also important to know what color means for different cultures. In Egypt, blue is more than a color because it contains a lot of historical significance (October 2015) whereas, for a county like China, the color green is rarely used because it creates the notion of a man who has been cuckolded by the wife. (Colors in Advertising: How Colors Affect Your Campaign | Textappeal)

Words are equally important in an advertisement; in this case, the first word that catches bystanders’ attention is the glory. Glory is a word that brings a lot of happiness and a feeling of power, winning and achievement. Anyone looking at the advertisement will want to see more after seeing that word. Certain variables should be considered when deciding which words to use; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When one chooses to use sophisticated words, they may end up overwhelming the target audience and communicating nothing. Words should be able to tell a story, as alluded to earlier; the word glory allows a customer or audience to associate with it emotionally. Conciseness is of the essence in any advertisement. Most times, people read billboards while stuck in traffic, or in motion. Therefore, having a whole paragraph will do more harm than good. The advertisement done is very concise because one can read everything at a glance. Context is everything when choosing words. Since this is an advertisement for a real estate business, glory shows the ultimate achievement of anyone with a dream of having a house. Rhetoric should also be employed. (Advertising and Language). Lastly, images are everything in an advertisement. One cannot have a photo of a book when advertising for real estate; the two are slightly apart. A house has been used in this case, which is a good fit. The image shoes some ambience and relation, a beautiful house, a swimming pool and trees with green grass compound is ultimately what every home should have.

From analyzing the advertisement thoroughly, one can quickly establish who the target audience for this advertisement is. The real estate company targets the affluent in the society. The statement might sound discriminatory, but it is the actual truth. According to the Billboard advertising agency in Egypt, (“Billboard Advertising in Egypt, AR”), advertisements costs range from $1,465.34 to $351,680.4 depending on the size of the billboard and the duration it will be up. It is therefore correct to say that the company cannot heavily invest in an advertisement if they do not expect huge returns, yet; only the affluent can afford to buy houses.

Additionally, the photo used in the billboard also denoted who the target audience is. If the advertisement was for children, then there would be toys and pictures of fun activities. People in the hotel business could as well be the target. The house displayed can be a perfect holiday home. From looking at it, a person in the hotel industry can relate and consider looking up the company for more information. The location of the billboard also says a lot about the target audience. The background has many skyscrapers and buildings, clearly; this is close to the Central Business District in Cairo. It has been placed there strategically because the upper middle class and the bourgeoisie most likely use the route to work on a daily basis and are therefore likely to see the advertisement.

Grand Heights is a real estate project in Egypt developed by Kuwadico. Kuwadico is a very wealthy company judging from their high investment in the advertisement. The primary objective of the company is to get people to invest in their business by either purchasing houses or contracting them. They intend to capture the attention of the people of Cairo, especially those who are in the Central Business District. The advertisement is also informative. The top left corner of the billboard read “Launching Phase 2". It is therefore evident that they want the target audience to know that they can now plug in if they did not have an opportunity to in phase 1. the billboard also contains the launching date. The information allows the intended consumers of the service to know when the second phase of the project begins.

The advertiser is successful in achieving their goal. The color combination used, the words and images are sufficient in capturing the attention of the target audience. The location of the billboard also helps the company to reach the target audience easily. It is very is easy for a bystander, or a viewer to establish what the intention of the advertisement is due to the clarity of the ad. The use of the house image is also a summary of everything they are communicating. In case one misses the words for whatever reason; they will be able to deduce what it is for by just looking at the image. Lastly, the advertisement is quite beautiful and eye-catching making it attractive thus drawing people’s attention.

From the above, it is clear that Kuwadico did their homework well. They have invested in the advertisement which is shown by the quality is portrays. They will be able to achieve their objective. The relevant information has been made available in such a captivating manner.


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