The Importance of Empowering Students with Mild Disability

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In this lesson, we shall focus to teach students the importance of empowering children with mild to moderate disabilities  

Classroom and student factors:

For a successful learning experience, the classroom will be expected to be clean and in order. The students will have to participate in asking and answering questions when there are discussions. This will help them understand certain concepts about the topic and also helps the rest of the class discuss what they belief about empowering students with mild disability. Students will have to work extensively in completing assignments and making on-time submissions. The classroom will also have charts on the walls during the lesson to help point out the reality about what should be done to empower students with mild disability.

National / State Learning Standards:

The grade level standards are Identify the relevant grade level standard(s), including the strand, cluster, and standard(s) by number and

its text.

Specific learning target(s) / objectives:

After the standards-based lesson, the students will be able to understand the importance of empowering students with mild disability. This will make them become more successful  in this field and also will improve their general skills of  understanding how to manage themselves

Teaching notes:

This lesson falls in the advanced methods of teaching and class orientation unit. .


The first segment for this lesson will be to understand the importance of empowering the mild disabled students. The second segment for this lesson is the introduction of ways that can be used to empower the mild disabled. The last segment learning how the society benefits from empowerment of the mild disabled. Each of these segments should take a minimum of 2 days to be complete.

Formative assessment:

To measure if the students have understood the knowledge impacted through these segments, there will be organized tests and discussions after each segment before we start the next. This will enable the whole class to know if they are on the right track or they are failing to understand the concepts.

Academic Language:

Key vocabulary:

The most terms are the most common used which include, disability, stigmatization, peer-pressure and isolation.


This kind of language and vocabulary will be used to teach students on why it is important to be careful on how they interact with the students when teaching them. That it will be good if they call them students than calling them disabled students. This now brings in the other two terms, stigmatization and isolation.


Language should be organized in a way that it should not have a negative impact on the listener who in this case will be the students with disabilities. The language used is meant to make sure that the students understand the concepts without having difficulties. The students will have to answers quizzes after a segment and they have to pass the quiz before the next segment of the lesson begins.

Instructional Materials, Equipment and Technology:

For a successful lesson and for the students to understand this topic, the lesson must include use of projectors for good display of points plus an amplifier for good voice impact. The students will need to have notebooks and other writing materials to record points that have been raised during sessions.


Group work in this lesson will help the students open up in what they think should be implemented in the application of the concepts taught in class.

II. Instruction

A.  Opening

Prior knowledge connection:

This lesson has a powerful connection to the previous lessons in that it gives knowledge, not only about interaction, but also the skills required to maximumly reach a certain objective.

Anticipatory set:

This lesson assists the students to realize that apart from being able to read, write and work, it is important for the disabled to be taught in advanced environment and structure that is advanced for them to understand the concepts and ideas being put across.

B.  Learning and Teaching Activities (Teaching and Guided Practice):

I Do

Students Do


The lesson includes:

Using videos to give examples

Using power point presentations to lay out points.

Randomly asking questions about challenges faced at school in the type of vocabulary used to address them

Students should:

Respond to the videos after they have been played.

Students should write down points that have been discussed on the power point presentations

Students should answer questions and give recommendations about how they feel on the issue of vocabulary.

Students who won’t be very active in the first segment of the class lesson, who won’t answer any questions or raise hands to ask questions will be assumed to be motivationally or academically challenged.

The lesson plan will include group work which will encourage team work among the students and which will in tern motivate each student.

Students who finish early can still join on going discussions to help their fellow school mates or helping teaching other students who are still new.


Summative Assessment:

To measure student’s mastery of learning targets, they will have to answer speed tests with question relating to the lessons taught. This will also be done in the end of every segment.


Students who seem not to have understood the concepts that have been taught can still have a second chance to take part in a private class and planned discussions that will help them.


Student will use this information in the society to help them protect their rights and raise a voice to be heard since empowering the mild disabled is an important task for the government and the heads of school institutions


The students will have to create models that help them talk about themselves to the public. This is a skill that gives them courage and motivates them to stand out even when no one is close to stand for them

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