The Importance of Social Media Listening in Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry

The fashion industry is the business that the researcher will focus on which focuses mostly on personalities and celebrities to start trends (Järvinen and Heikki 18). Emphasis is on high fashion with attention given to individuals that influence conversations around fashion weeks and big launches.

Identify the Key Factors that could Set my Subject Apart and Cause more Positive Attention

It is important to realize that specificity is a trade of volume for significance. A business needs to know what it is supposed to be known for since the business world has many competing entrepreneurs and therefore it is important to develop a business in a specific niche to have more opportunities to prove that you know what you are engaged in (Ryan 24). In this case, the focus will be on ladies latest fashion wears. Women love fashion across the globe, and since social media provides an opportunity to interact with clients worldwide, a platform for online purchase and deliveries need to be made available.

Reserve your Name on all Social Channels

Choose a name to identify with that is attractive and confirm its availability on more than 25 social networks in the Knoowem (Ryan 25). The name will be uniform in all the social media platforms, avoiding nicknames. A similar username will apply across all the channels as this will help in building a personal brand as well as making a memorable impression on others. The profile photos will undergo synchronization between channels such that in case a change in the profile photo on Facebook, all other profile channels change too. Once the social media accounts are up, you can start connecting their activities with streams and tabs. The streams should be under tabs.

Monitoring is important in social media listening

Monitoring is important in social media listening. As a manager, one has the responsibility of monitoring the mentions of the business name, the current fashion they offer and the key buzzwords in the fashion industry (Hemann and Burbary 15). Staying across these essential elements will as a manager one is aware of how people perceive the company brand, what competitors are doing and the latest trends in the field.

Focusing on Customer Service

Studies conducted by J.D. Power Ratings in 2013 established that the majority of consumers use social media for customer service in which both contented and dissatisfied customers will express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Customer service is a way of contacting the brand itself. Through social media listening, it is easy to identify the comments and respond to them appropriately to improve customer experience. The social listening tools provide an opportunity for sentiment analysis which categorizes mentions into neutral, negative and positive (Hemann and Burbary 28). It is important to set keywords to help customers having trouble. The keywords should entail the brand name and establish a filter for negative comments to be able to respond immediately to unhappy customers. At the same time identify any malfunctions or glitches in your product right away.

Market the Fashion Clothing through Industry Influencers

In any business, people are far more likely to accept the advice of the best influencers since they trust them. In the fashion industry, it is important to market your product through channels that customers greatly interact with o a daily basis (Järvinen and Karjaluoto 24). It is evident that the majority of consumers trust their friends and relatives recommendations while the rest believe in advertisements making the influencer marketing the best strategy to sell. The social media tool has a feature that contains the social influencer whereas client can search for the brand to see those already interested in the product. The influencers help customers in deciding on a purchase especially those who did not have any prior information about the product.

Research Question

The study will focus on one research question, how are social media listening tied to the business goals?

Description of how the Research Question Solves for a Real Business Problem

Social media listening plays a significant role in monitoring and analyzing information that is considered important to any business especially about competitors’ activities as well as customers’ reactions and some of the activities to avoid (Ryan 14). Through listening, the companies can be able to tailor their products based on customers’ needs and provide the best customer service that will in turn help in achieving and solving the business goals.

Creating a Source List

Social media rules the business world with every organization targeting its clients through different online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter among others. Social media is considered the best way to interact with users currently. It is important to determine whether the users are listening other than sending them adverts (Ryan 23). It will be important to come up with listening tools, search tools, and social network insights to ensure that your customers are getting the best. Some of the listening tools, search tools, social network insights include a brand watch, mention, Talkwalker, google alerts, digimind, keyhole, 76insights, crowd analyzer, synthesio, Buzzsumo, sprout social and Hootsuite.

Relevant and Logical Channels for Analysis

The CommentSpace which is an integrated system in which analysis is made based on visualizations. Usually, on comment space links and comment tags are introduced which allows analysts to organize their findings and identify others opinions (Järvinen and Karjaluoto 12). Links and tags improve analytical results through completing evidence gathering and synthesis tasks.

Identification of the Search and Source Languages of your Listening Tools

Quick Search provides an instant overview of the brand online. It’s a search engine in the social media that provides extensive coverage of social networks, including forums, blogs, and any new site. The quick search engine enables one to dig deeper and establish negative sentiments (Ryan 18). It is user-friendly, and it dives deep into competitors’ activities enabling an organization to establish the strength and weaknesses of the rivals enabling them to improve and cultivate a winning marketing strategy.

Research Methods


Current research shows that effective social media listening helps build a business and its brand as well as its products and services while promoting the product it will also offer an opportunity for the clients to interact with the brand and the company through posted images, comments, multimedia and videos (Hermann and Burbary 22). Effective posts on social media are either make or break in the form of how the message gets conveyed from a company, and therefore a company needs to e strategic in how they pass their message. Effective social media listening helps a company to develop its brand image and should engage customer service to connect to the target audience.

Time Frame

The social media listening process will take place on a regular basis to monitor customer feedback for better customer service. Monitoring will be an ongoing activity in which filtering of customers positive, negative neutral feedback.

Depth of Analysis

The study will utilize Google analytics to monitor viewer acquisitions, page views and the behavior of viewers. Analyzing the numbers will help in understanding the page views and the new and repeat customers (Ryan 10). The page views will also help in establishing the other pages that clients visit after checking on our page. The information will help in making an informed decision on which areas to improve on about activities of competitors in the fashion industry. Google analytics will help in identifying which social media platform for the organization gets majority views and which has the highest referrals.

Works Cited

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September 18, 2023

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