The Role of Ancient Civilizations in the Development of Latin America

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Mesoamerican Civilizations

Mesoamerican civilizations are tribes that lived in the valley of ancient Mexico, engaged in hunting and fishing (Rosenswig 179). They lived on Earth for 20,000 years BC and gradually developed, learning to land, grow vegetables and build their bricks from baked bricks. The Olmecs were the first in the chain of civilizations of this region, and it was they who began the surge of rapid development in various fields. Without specialized knowledge, the people of Mesoamerica were able to quickly develop agricultural and trade, as well as learn science. Their path and achievements were embodied due to a unique way of life.

Geographical Location of Mesoamerica

Mesoamerica geographically located from the center of Mexico to Honduras and Nicaragua. The very first known civilizations were Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mayans, Aztecs, and many others. The Olmecs have been growing vegetables, and later learned how to build irrigation canals and dams. The basis of the Zapotec economy was highly productive maize farming based on an irrigation system. The economic base of the Mayan culture was slash-and-burn maize farming. Compared to the modern times, ancient civilizations had to work a lot physically, while nowadays most such work completes mechanics.

Mayan Agriculture

For Mayan civilization, farming and forest cutting and burning were the critical work for a living. The main agricultural tools of the Maya were stick-digging, an ax and a torch. Local farmers used to bring the hybrid high-yielding varieties of the main agricultural plants. Mayans were also religious. The main religion was the Mesoamerican religion, which was the forerunner of Catholicism (Moises 27). An interesting fact is that it exists today, as well as the traditions and rituals that are close to modern Christianity.

Social Order of the Aztecs

The social order of the Aztecs was complicated, and education, family, and creativity played a significant role in their society. They were urbanists since they engaged in public architecture. A landmark on the development of the city and the arrangement of buildings indicates a progressive Aztec (Smith 2). As for the trade, pepper was used as money, mainly due to its extensive use in food. In 1519, the Spaniards attacked Mexico, and, infiltrating first into Tenochtitlan, killed the Mayan preacher, and then captured his possessions and people.

Contributions of Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations

In summation, the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica made a significant contribution to the development of modern Latin America through their work, ingenuity, and the struggle for uniqueness and territory. Studying the world around them allowed them to understand the value of their resources and the shortcomings that should be corrected. Trade and construction formed the first social hierarchy that created the historical heritage of modern Mexico, which the local people will be proud.

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