The understanding of consumer behavior

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Understanding consumer behavior is critical in the marketing of any product. Marketers must research consumer behavior to determine what they buy, where they buy it, and how much they pay. It is also critical to understand how customers and their preferences are influenced by their surroundings and reference groups; nevertheless, knowing about consumer behavior is difficult because the answers are hidden deep within their minds. As a result, advertising strategies are critical in marketing since, in addition to exterior influences, customer behavior is psychologically influenced by internal ones (Etzel, Walker & Stanton, 2007).

The product Red Bull energy drink has been chosen for this investigation. Red Bull marketing strategy encompasses extensive use of various advertising tools including dedicated print, TV, radio and social media. Red Bull campaign is mostly aimed and represented by experiences since most of its consumers are youthful, energetic, and those who are into physical exercise. That is the reason why for past few years, Red Bull has been very active with advertising their products in sports related activities. One of the slogans and messages used by the Red Bull during its advertising campaign is that red bull gives you wings, with the powerful red color and the strong animal the bull, thus, high adrenaline is evident (Etzel, Walker & Stanton, 2007).

Recently, Red Bull has also included cartoon in their ads to display the effects of red bull making its consumers smarter. Following a consecutive day period on its ads, the one that aired the most was through the billboards planted in the fields and the fitness halls.

One of the reasons that makes this product outstanding is the ingenious marketing which has ranked it the bestselling energy drink in the world with average sales of over 5.5 million cans a year and that is the major reason for choosing the product.

In fact, the ads have exemplified Maslow’s needs, particularly psychological (William M. O’Barr, 2011). This includes observing the human’s innate curiosity. By using slogans like red bull can give you wings, it tempts many people to try the drink, despite the fact that everyone knows they cannot develop wings in the real life. Furthermore, the types of ads used by this product are persuasive and they are very effective. They creates a perception in individuals which entails intellective process of selecting an information from a given surroundings, organizing it and then perceiving particular meaning from it.


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