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Web pages offer an avenue by which an agency interacts with the target audience. The websites aim to provide updates about the goods that are sold by a corporation to its intended consumers, as well as to ensure that they update information on innovations in their products. The material posted on the organization's website helps to encourage the company's target customers to purchase their goods. The website is used by the company to enlighten their target customers of the services and products that are offered by the corporation. The company targets hospitals and the healthcare providers to buy the products that they offer to their target groups. The homepage of the website categorizes the products that are provided by the company. Some of the categories that are listed on the site include advance molecular imaging, mother and childcare, clinical informatics, computer tomography, mammography, fluoroscopy, hospital respiratory care and patient monitoring. A target client has the ease to access information regarding a given product that they intend to buy from the organization and make an informed choice regarding the product that they wish to buy from the company. Also, the website offers a brief description of the product that they offer to their target clients include how the equipment can be used within the medical facility. Image 1 and Image 2 below are used in the description of advanced molecular imaging and hospital respiratory care. The information and the image are succinct and easy to understand by all despite the product targeting the medical facilities. A sales person in the medical field can make an informed choice to buy the product owing to the detailed information that is offered per product.

The type of writing that has been chosen by the authors is persuasive. Though the authors are not comparing the products provided by Philips with the products from the rival firms or companies, the information that is presented is adequate to enable one make an informed decision on whether to buy the product or not to buy. The nature of writing that one reads from the article is straightforward and easy to understand by all. The content developers in the website have ensured that the description is succinct besides enabling a drop down tab per item to enable the readers to find out additional information regarding the product that they offer. Web sites are also platforms that are used by an organization to gauge the information that they have to offer to their wider clientele. Taking the care of description of the hospital respiratory care product that can be accessed through the link http://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/solutions/hospital-respiratory-care, the information available on the website asserts that two different types of goods are available in the category, that is, invasive and noninvasive respiratory care products. Below the web page, some links are available for the clients to communicate with the proprietors of the product easily.

The organization of the website enables it to be persuasive to the target respondents. There are subheadings in the site that allows the audience to navigate to what they may need easily. Ease of accessing information is the first step of a persuading a given audience to liken the content of a website. Second, the most important point is first mentioned in each subtopic. The other writings on the given subtopic serve to expound on the main topic that has been referred to in the paper. Specifying the first point enables one to have a grasp of the essential function of the product and serve to attract the chosen clients to consider buying the product. For example, the subheading titles Advanced Molecular Imaging has a catchy first sentence. The sentence lays emphasis on the importance of the advanced molecular imaging by stating that the advanced molecular imaging that is offered by Philips has low dose molecular and provides hybrid-imaging solutions. The two characteristics mentioned makes it distinct and unique.

Writing about health and medical care products requires one to affirm the intended audience of the safety features of the device that has been proposed including the quality of the product. Quality is determined by the ability to process precise information. In the case o the advanced molecular imaging, quality is determined by the clarity of the images that are processed by the machine.

In conclusion, the information regarding the products offered by Philips are easy to understand and are written in simple English language. Each product is described in a subtitle. In each subtitle, a catchy phrase is written with the key advantages of the products mentioned. Therefore, the Philips website persuades the healthcare service providers to buy their products based on the benefits that they offer about quality and safety of the patients and the users of the technology. Images are used on the website to make it look presentable and further help one understand the nature of the product that has been listed.

October 12, 2022

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