What Must I Do to Prepare for a Trip to Italy?

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One of my main goals is to organize a trip to Italy

I am aware that having the appropriate documentation, such as a passport, visa, and ticket, is necessary for travel to any foreign nation. In order to be ready for the trip, I would also need to comprehend the country's culture and climate. I am aware that Italy has a long history of social customs. That is the root of the proverb "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." I am also conscious, though, that due to globalization, residents of the nation now come from all over Europe. I also know that Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world. It has some remains of ancient civilization when Rome was in control of the entire Europe. I know that Italy is home to the Vatican City that is also considered to have autonomy rule by the catholic church.

What I Want to Know

I need to find out about the specific things I need to have and prepare for when planning for a trip to Italy. What I know is general information about traveling abroad and not about the details on Italy. First I need to know if I would be required to get a visa before I travel or I can get it once I arrive. Since I intend to go on holiday there, I also want to find out the cost and duration of a tourist visa. Besides the visa, I also need information on the different airlines flying to Italy and how much is the ticket, one-way, and return. I want to know the options I have for accommodation and the different price ranges available in the major cities of Italy. Most importantly, I will need details on the various destination I can visit in Italy. The information will include the location of the popular destinations, the cost of accessing them, and what to expect in those destinations. In particular, I wish to know if I would require special documentation to visit the Vatican City. It is part of Italy and one of the places frequented by millions of tourists every year. it is good to have special arrangement before visiting such a place to avoid disappointments.

Significance of the Information

The information about planning a trip to Italy would help when I do the actual planning in summer. It would also build my knowledge on the country and general tips on travelling. As the world become globalized, it is imperative for people to understand other cultures and if possible find an opportunity to visit several countries. The details on a trip to Italy is the first step towards becoming an ardent traveler. I have a passion for adventure and believe that if I am going to enjoy a trip to Italy, then I must prepare adequately. I believe that having the right information is the same as to have power. Without proper planning a trip to Italy is quite risky. Furthermore, last minutes planning and gathering of information about a trip or country of destination can be quite stressful. There is always the possibility of something going wrong or missing. Therefore, the search would open my eyes and make me understand every aspect of the trip for the sake of planning. I will be able to budget and book for the accommodation, flight, and other places I intend to visit in Italy. Furthermore, such as research undertaking opens my mind to global issues. Like mentioned above, a trip to Italy would a be a start to many others. Even if I won't manage to travel over summer, I will have gained important knowledge that I can apply later in life.


The search for information regarding a trip to Italy focused on the internet and few resourceful individuals, and organizations with relevant knowledge on the different aspects of the subject. They include the following

A friend who traveled to Italy some time back and recommended the country to me. I ask him how he planned for the trip and his experience during the trip

I also have a campus mate from Italy and I took time to talk to him about the country in general.

I also consulted a travel company that arranges for trips to different destinations around the world. They offered information on trip planning to Europe, and Italy in particular

I then searched through the internet for information where I came across several sites and publications that offered good advice on travelling to Italy.

In the internet, I searched for the trip advisory websites that target tourists and government sites. The government sites have information about documentation and regulations for traveling to Italy.

What I Learned

I learned from the State department websites that Americans do not need a visa to travel to Italy if they are tourists staying for less than 90 days (US Department of States, 2017). However, if the purpose of the visit is not touring, then an individual need to apply for visa and have a passport with validity exceeding 6 months. The passport also needs to have two blank pages for visa stamping (Willman, 2017). The country restricts foreigners from traveling in or out with money exceeding 10,000 euros. Americans do not need to have any vaccination before traveling to the country. The air ticket to Italy is about $500 for the cheapest flight via another city and about $900 for direct routing to Rome.

I released that I may need to learn some basic Italian words before a travel. Even though some Italians understand English, many prefer to use their national language. A person traveling there need some basic knowledge of the language such as greetings and asking for directions.

I understand there are many tourist attraction sites spread across the country. However, many of the famous attraction places are in Rome. For those who want to experience the better part of the country, it would be good to plan a visit to the city of Venice and Florence (Woodrow, 2017). It is advisable to book for accommodation early to get the best rates. Staying away from the big cities is a lot cheaper than getting a room within the city. Tourists commute using airplanes, trains, and buses. But there is the option of renting a car for maximum convenience (Planet, 2017).

From my friend, I realized that having a local contact to show me around the country is better than paying a guide or a tour company. The local contact would be cheap and flexible compared to the tour companies. They will also help in communicating with the locals. However, it is best to contact the person to guide me early enough to avoid any inconvenience.

I also learned that I do not need any special documents to visit the Vatican City. I was confused because Vatican City is a sovereign state within Rome but it depends on Italy to relate with other states in the world.

Reflective Practitioner

The entire I-Search process has revealed a new way of learning that combines research work and writing. I enjoyed the whole process because it offered a new experience of critical thinking and research. The work seemed relatively easy before starting but I realized that it was not just a simple research work, there was much to think, reflect and write about the area of interest. After spending time brainstorming on a suitable topic to write, I choose to something about travelling. I am sure that the entire process builds on what I would be doing in future. I have a passion for travelling that I hope to start a venture soon. The information I gathered from asking people about a trip to Italy and the online browsing will form part of what I expect to do for my clients. It is a joy going through the research, from a point of what I know to that of what I don't know. The entire process points to the essence of critical research and documentation of the process. I am sure we will do more of the technical research work in the higher level of our studies. Ultimately, the entire process was engaging and exciting. It is always a joy to work on a subject that one loves.


Planet, L. (2017). Planning your first trip to Italy - Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet. Retrieved 11 March 2017, from https://www.lonelyplanet.com/italy/travel-tips-and-articles/planning-your-first-trip-to-italy

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