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Why Recent High School Graduates May Want to Take a Break Before Attending College

The majority of high school graduates who choose to take a gap year before starting college come from higher-income backgrounds. Most teens believe that having a break is simply to have fun and wander the country, but there might be better things to do during this special time. To strengthen your resume, look for a one-of-a-kind internship, charity job, or part-time work.
Many adolescents are unaware that many universities encourage high school graduates to take a break before enrolling in college in order to rejuvenate themselves from the pressures of high school and gain career or life experience. Most teenagers who take a break have already been accepted at particular colleges (Gehrman, 2016).

Taking a break popularly known as gap year could be of benefit to high school graduates as students who have taken a gap year usually feel more focused and recharged when entering college. They usually are more motivated and outperform the others in so many areas such as leadership and extracurricular activities (Dickler, 2017).

Some students get into college being more mature and knowing what they want in life. They usually have had time to reflect on their life and made personal goals and commitments. They also take their studies more seriously and have a pretty much clear direction of where they want to do major wise (Yen, 2016).

However taking a break isn't entirely a good idea as some students would go astray if they don't have a clear plan or goal to participating in life enrichment activities. Therefore, it is better to take a break if one has a clear set of targets they want to achieve as it will help mold them into a responsible, mature adult.

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August 18, 2021

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