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216 views 5 pages ~ 1180 words
Alice Walker - an African-American Writer

The writer in both of these novels, Alice Walker, was an African-American woman who was very proud of her skin color. Sh...

166 views 2 pages ~ 317 words
Forces Creating the Change

The twentieth century saw numerous shifts in the workplace, most of which were progressive, making the century very rema...

271 views 5 pages ~ 1350 words
A study of Social Identity Versus Multicultural Theory of Development

Throughout the twentieth century, African Americans made significant strides toward freedom and autonomy in the United S...

123 views 2 pages ~ 394 words
Analyzing a Character's Communication Strategies in Seinfeld Using the Four Principles of Cooperation

Andy Ackerman's Seinfeld and Steve Lookner's Seinfeld are two of the most well-known films of the twentieth century. The...

127 views 6 pages ~ 1386 words
Carbon-14 Dating

14C-dating (radiocarbon dating) is a tool for estimating the age of biological materials that originated in the past, su...

109 views 5 pages ~ 1174 words
Fertilizer Explosion in Texas City

During the Second World War, the United States used ammonium nitrate as an explosive in the early twentieth century. The...

166 views 11 pages ~ 2877 words
The Stool of Chief Vugha II of Babanki Kijem

The stool, which is made of oak, beads, and string, dates from the early twentieth century. The stool is brown in color ...

85 views 4 pages ~ 913 words
The Desire to Live

Spence, Robert Traill Lowell IV was a well-known American poet of the twentieth century. Lowell was born into a Boston B...

190 views 6 pages ~ 1435 words
Analysis of Fascism and Anarchism in V for Vendetta

Throughout his overt novel, Alan Moore encourages his readers to investigate both anarchism and fascism in order to dete...

209 views 4 pages ~ 898 words
Women's Suffrage in the 20th Century

A century of combat is a seminal book talking about women’s history in the United States. This e book was published in 1...

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