A Rhetorical Analysis

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In today's modern age, people choose reading journals and social media over lengthy scholarly review papers on the same topic. The main source is scientific science, which includes all of the techniques used to contend with the thesis, task analysis, perception, and consequences. Journal entries, as opposed to scholarly review documents, are made up of supplementary material that is reviewed in order to reflect on the main literature. Key intelligence outlets can have more summarized information that the general public can easily interpret and comprehend. Most people would instead go for a media article because it comprises of the whole process reviewed information which one can spend lesser time on, compared to lengthy and complicated research information study that involves consumption of extended hours before completion (Christie 85). It is worthwhile due to its simplicity of relaying the information, which becomes more accessible to comprehend, more so to people who have very little or no information at all regarding the topic. Journal information needs no unique skills and knowledge while original scientific articles may have more detailed information that requires exceptional skills in the field of study.

With the evolvement of technology, online information sources yield more up to date information as a result of more discoveries throughout the year. Scientific articles may require more time before they are updated because the detailed information gathered would require more time to edit to come up with the most accurate adjustments. They enable people from a broad region to acquire information that they need to know to make necessary improvements in their daily routines (Christie 87). There are more constant published online articles every day, which is, however, cheaper, efficient and effective as one can easily access and afford regarding money and within a short period.

Work cited

Wilcox, Christie. "Guest editorial: it is time to evolve: taking responsibility for sciencecommunication in a digital age." (2012): 85-87.

November 03, 2022

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