A Rhetorical Analysis of an Advertisement

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Rhetorical analysis of advertisements refers to the integrity that a marketer displays to the world. Ads usually contain ethos, pathos, and logos that influence peoples’ way of thinking. In most cases, advertisements are meant to control the target audience or buyers of goods and services. Quigley, Burns, and Stallard (2015) argue that although some marketers present ads that contain only words, it is vital to include pictorial forms so that viewers can acquire appealing messages about the highlighted items. Moreover, including images on advertisements attracts the attention of many viewers. The paper analyzes the ad that is shown below:

The rhetorical strategy that is used to bring out the selected advertisement presents a woman who is displaying her strength in the society. The ad is accompanied by writings entitled "We Can Do It!” Although the image and its description are brought up in a summary form, there is more meaning that is attached to the image. The ad reminds the society that women are crucial creatures that can do most of the activities that their male counterparts accomplish (Quigley, Burns, & Stallard, 2015). The expression is presented with an exclamation mark to indicate how the strength of women can be surprising. Besides, the person is showing that her hands are powerful and energetic. Emotions are raised when an ad has more pathos ideas, particularly on the plight of women and children in the society (Quigley, Burns & Stallard, 2015). Emotions trigger people to either act positively or negatively concerning an idea.

Moreover, the image presents a sturdy person who is focusing in a particular direction. Therefore, it highlights that an individual can become successful if he or she concentrates on one specific item. The person aims at highlighting an aspect of unanimity by focusing on things that she faces. Also, the image indicates readiness whenever there is an emergency. The person is putting on a blue cloth to signify an aspect of loyalty and strength in her company or nation. Apart from showing vigor, the blue color indicates the reassuring upshot on the psyche of an individual (Quigley, Burns & Stallard, 2015). The person may be advocating for the rights of other people since the posture, and the color is destined to tell the society that unity is strength.

On the collar of the blue cloth, there is a symbol of a particular agency which is used to ascertain stakeholders or employees of a specific organization. The same sign is as well indicated on the yellow background where the portrait is erected. Moreover, yellow color signifies contentment, freshness, hopefulness, simplicity or a state of enlightment (Quigley, Burns & Stallard, 2015). Therefore, the individual on the post might be aiming at enlightening some people who do not know their rights. Furthermore, the person shows that she is celebrating after achieving a specific initiative or a program. Hence, the ad is telling the society to be positive and enthusiastic during the accomplishment of the duties.

Summarily, advertisements are integral parts of the daily functioning of a business. At some point, ads might be used to create awareness on either constructive or destructive actions among individuals. However, marketers should produce ads in a manner that cannot interfere with the peace of others. Moreover, for advertisements to be fruitful, they should aim at intended people.



Quigley, K., Burns, C., & Stallard, K. (2015). ‘Cyber Gurus’: A rhetorical analysis of the language of cybersecurity specialists and the implications for security policy and critical infrastructure protection. Government Information Quarterly, 32(2), 108-117.

August 04, 2023



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