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A career hunt for C# programmers in the UK and the US turned up some promising results. As I scoured the online work boards, I came across a plethora of C#-related opportunities. The majority of work portals link to the websites of large corporations looking to hire new workers. In this article, I would look at two such workers in the United Kingdom and one in the United States.

The British Standard Institution is the first enterprise looking for a C# programmer (BSI). More than 72,000 clients from 150 countries are served by the organization (BSI). The company represents customers in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, food, information technology, healthcare, and the built environment. Currently, the company is looking for a candidate to fill the position of an XML/MarkLogic developer in its information technology department. The location of the job is in Chiswick, London. For one to be considered for the position, strong technical skills that one must have gained in a software development environment are necessary. In addition, the individual has to be a self-starter and possess knowledge and experience of procedures and processes needed to support full software development. Another major requirement of the job is that the candidate should have strong communication skills, both verbal and written. Teamwork is also essential. This is because the candidate will be expected to work in a teamwork environment in order to help the organization meet its objectives. It is also essential that the candidate has experience working with teams that are geographically distributed. Apart from these skills described, other necessary skills include Silverlight, Microsoft Azure, .Net (.NET 3.5 and 4), XLST and XML, Episerver, E-commerce, MarkLogic, SQL Server 2012, .Net MVC, and JScript. Therefore, these are the necessary skills BSI is looking for in the candidate for the position. The starting salary for the job is £45,000 annually, which translates to about $58,477 according to the current market rates (BSI). In addition, there is a 10% bonus that is also accompanied by 27 days of leave annually.

The second company seeking a C# programmer is Sagentia. The company has offices in the US as well as the UK. The company has operated for over 30 years, and currently, it has over a hundred active projects (Science Group). The client base of the company is diverse, and as noted on its website, it works with global as well as start-up companies. The major sectors it serves are oil and gas, consumer, medical, and industrial. Sagentia is looking for a software developer who is professionally driven and loves technical challenge. The candidate is required to possess professional experience with Java and C#. The candidate must also have taken responsibility for software development practices. Another requirement is exquisite academic record with postgraduate or degree qualification in information technology or computer science from a top university (Sagentia). Other skills that are preferred although not essential include software development to IEC 62304:2005 and the implementation of tests using programmed test frameworks. The job location is Harston in the UK. The salary and the benefits package are not specified in the advertisement.

The final company that is seeking a C# programmer is Tekmark. The company prides itself as one of the longest telecom and technology providers in the world. It seeks to deliver cost effective, results driven, and innovative solutions to its wide range of clients. Currently, the company is seeking a C#/.Net developer. The responsibility of the candidate once recruited include development, support, and design of IT applications. The qualifications for the job include proficiency with C#/.Net, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and MS SQL 2000-201. The candidate must also be skilled in AJAX, particularly in a .Net environment (Tekmark). The candidate must also have demonstrated the ability to multi-task and meet schedules. Another requirement for the position is that the candidate should be a team player and have the willingness and ability to receive new concepts and ideas. Documentation and communication skills are also necessary. The candidate must also possess a high understanding of network administration and design. Presentation and interaction skills are also mandatory for the position. It is also essential that the candidate is skilled in Object Oriented design and development patterns and SQL Schema design. The location of the job is in Temple Terrace in Florida. The salary and the benefits package are not specified.

Each of the companies offers interesting C# positions. There exist some similarities between the skills required by BSI and those needed by Tekmark. Both of these companies require a candidate skilled in .Net, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL. In addition, they both need a team player and excellent communicators. Sagentia, on the other hand, does not make many specifications in regards to the skills needed. There is just the mention of Java. Therefore, of these three positions, the one I like best is the .Net Software Developer needed by BSI. The many skills required means it is going to be an interesting experience. The one I like least is the software developer for Sagentia for the simple reason that advertisement does not explicitly mention most of the skills required.

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November 03, 2022

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