About Bill’s Learning Plan

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Bill should define a learning goal, such as the need to gain additional skills and information, the learning experience required to obtain that skill, and finally, recognize the support needed to grow the knowledge and apply the abilities.

A Learning Plan Illustration

Learning Objective Determined Learning Objective

Learning Techniques

improved understanding of computer-based monitoring systems

To gain access to customers who possess this model of lawn mower and to attract potential customers.

Observation and role-playing during webinars.

During online training sessions, training videos are used.

increased service delivery diversity

To develop his mastery of lawn mower repair, since this will raise his level of expertise.

 Read the manual to understand the lawn mowers comprehensively.


Bill has the autonomy kind of self-motivation (Shah & Gardner, 2008). Although he feels that there is a need to attend the webinars and training sessions to understand the lawn mowers, he can not afford to take any time off and he opts to do things his own way. The affective domain deals with elements of emotion and feeling. Bill feels that he can not take time off his job and that is one of the reasons why he does not want to travel for the seminars. He will have to conquer that feeling by seeking to achieve the objective of accessing more customers and increasing his mastery.

Constructivist Learning Theory

Metacognition is a high order of thinking that involves active control over the cognitive processes used in learning (Gan & Lodder, 2013). Bill can use this approach by coming up with a learning plan and evaluating his progress by setting targets which he feels are flexible to him. Reflexivity focuses on the circular relationship between cause and effect and Bill should use this concept to address the link between his activities and their outcome during this learning plan. Piaget’s ideas on assimilation and accommodation apply to Bill’s case because he is very reluctant to incorporate the new ideas of learning into his current way of doing things. Although he knows that the training will be of benefit to him, Bill is still reluctant to leave his current repair work during the learning period. Bill needs to understand that learning takes time as identified in the constructivist theory (Cristol, 2011). He needs to set out some time to attend the seminars and determine the online sites that he can use to advance his training during his free time so that he learns very quickly. He should also be actively involved in role playing to ensure he becomes as thorough at his job as possible.


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April 19, 2023

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