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The narration starts with a mother softly laughing while holding her infant in her arms. Her cheerful demeanor is reflected in her eyes. She feels content in the fact that she has actually made it after enduring so much suffering and hearing voices urging her to push harder every time. The girl, though, was held in the highest regard because she was born at a period when women were unable to conceive. It was part of an apocalyptic scenario in which no more children will be born to replace the new generation after the population died. The positive thing about the apocalypse was that the inhabitants never aged. All they did was stagnate at their ages when the fulfillment of the so-called momentum of revelation took place.

The community was happy that they would finally hear the cry of a child after a very long time. Also, they would feel the tenderness of her skin and the innocent look that most children frequently portray when they open their little eyeball sockets. As time went by, the child grew by insignificant inches, but it did not take the people in the community to notice. They could not comprehend the variation in the birth of the child, her growth and the terms of the revelation that were to ensue. They had so many questions to ask, but there was no one with the wisdom of the old man who spoke of the apocalypse before his untimely death. Before they had the time to find the answers to the questions troubling them, the girl was all grown up and was now a teen. She became a great warrior and always came to the assistance of her community when they were under attack by the aliens from other planets. Since they could not leave their planet because it was hollow outside and they needed space ships to get through, they just stayed there secure in the knowledge that the girl would protect them.

However, every time she was done fighting the battle with the flying aliens, she would be treated for an extended period since the aliens had ways to cause harm and inflict acute pain. When one of the aliens was hurt, green beams of light would escape from his eyes. The light had a magnitude high enough to cut or pierce through the girl's skin. The pain of shaft tearing through her skin made her writhe in pain. The good thing is that the community had wizards who were strong enough to use magic and sorcery to treat the girl faster as opposed to the conventional medication. There was one particular time after fighting an invading army of supernatural creatures, the magicians and sorcerers tried their best to treat her, but her condition only got worse. It was then that they came to the realization that they were losing their heroin.

Before the old man passed away, he told the people that if they were under invasion by beings, they could neither explain nor understand, they were to hide away in the invisible chamber. This was part of the secret protective places that the people were to take refuge when there was nothing else they could do to safeguard themselves. Only the magicians and the sorcerers could lead the path to the house. This was because they were the only one who could envision the house with their eyes closed and take the people thereby holding them by their shoulders. The magicians began taking the villagers there, but since they were very many, it took a lot of time to ferry all of them. When the next invasion took place, half of the people in the village were gone while the magicians and their colleagues were working on taking the other half. Owing to the girl's condition, they made the decision to take her last because they weren't sure she would survive for long.

The creatures went direct to the girl’s chamber and surrounded her forming a helix. They then stretched their arms, and suddenly the girl woke up as though she was merely taking a nap. The creatures took her by the hand, and she took out like a robotic being all straight and upright just as soldiers do when in sight of their commanding officers. The girl was given a steel word and given the order to slaughter all the magicians. When she was done, she dag a hole and set them ablaze in it. However, the girl left one of them who she believed would the key to getting them to the invisible house. After that, she arranged the villagers in single file and slid past them with a blade in her arms, and all their heads fell to the ground.

All the villagers and magicians were now dead but for one magician. She held her blade to his neck and gave him the order to take her and the supernaturals to the house. He had no choice but to do as he was commanded. When they got to there, the villagers were troubled whether to wonder how the girl had healed or how she had chosen to side with the enemy team. However, it was too late to wonder anymore but worry for their lives since they knew how good the girl was at wielding her sword. Within minutes, she took all their lives and left blood oozing from their bodies like broken pipes.

October 13, 2022


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