Absalom Son of King David

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Absalom was a son of King David. He was the third son of the king and ruled over Israel. He was married to Maacah, the daughter of the king of Geshur. He had no children of his own but was well-liked by his family and was considered a great king.


Absalom was the third son of King David. He became king of Israel and was married to Maacah, daughter of Talmai, king of Geshur. Absolom is an important figure in the Old Testament and is well known for his bravery. He is also a favorite of the prophet Isaiah.

While the name Absolom sounds pretty straightforward, it actually has many variations. Depending on how the word is pronounced, the name can mean a lot of different things. For example, the name Absolom might mean "my father is peace" in Hebrew. In addition, people with this name are typically selfless and kind. They also believe in the power of creative expression.

In the Book of 2 Samuel, Absalom first appears as the favorite of David's sons who were born in Hebron. His story is told in chapters thirteen and fifteen. The kings of Israel were wary of him, but Absalom's loyalty and resolve helped him defeat the evil Talmai and his men.

Absolom hid his resentment for two years, but it was only two years later that he found an opportunity to express himself in public. At the time, shepherd princes of Israel celebrated the annual sheep-shearing as a public festival. The first clip of the flocks was ordained for the priests, making the act a sacred one. Absalom was a religious man who wanted to fulfil his vow in Hebron.

Several other songs have referenced Absalom, including one by Stick Men. A song by David's Doldrums mentions Absalom, alluding to the way Absalom felt. The song also has a reference to the Israeli folk song Barach Hamelech.

Absolom resembles a giant man. His metallic silver skin is covered with spines that grow from his back. His horns are huge, and his legs are covered with bone, which gives him a massive appearance. Absolom also has long claws in place of nails, and his feet are taloned. His sword is very powerful and he can slic adimantium.

As his journey progressed, Absolom stumbled upon a hanger of ore shuttles. He hijacked one of them, but left their crew dead. He then departed the planet, leaving devastation in his wake. In the midst of this chaos, he pondered whether to trust the voice that promised to save him.

Absolom combines sorcererous powers and diamond-sharp talons. His claws shear adimantium with ease, and his sorcererous powers overpower weak willed enemies. He can also summon his massive daemonblade Argentum.

In the end, Absalom's actions make David's reputation and standing with the people deteriorate. He rebels against David and divides Israel. At the end, his rebellion is crushed by Joab. Absalom ultimately dies at the hands of Joab. Absalom was the son of King David.

The Absolom family originated on the remote Hebrides Islands off the west coast of Scotland. The name originates from the Gaelic name "Absolom," which means peace. The name also appears in the Bible, as the name of King David's rebellious third son. However, the family did not remain in the Hebrides for very long.

Absalom's loyalty to David is not enough for him to be forgiven. He must repent. This is why Joab deceives David into giving Absalom political asylum in Geshur. David was not supposed to pardon Absalom, even though he loved him very much.

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