Administrative Agencies Duties and the Ethics behind Regulatory Compliance Requirements

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Compliance in administration refers to a person's capacity to behave in accordance with a set of rules and requirements when confronted with a specific set of situational circumstances. The application of ethical compliance requirements in the analysis of specific sets of actions taking place in an organization from both internal and external instances is also crucial. In the hypothetical case, Eric, the assistant vice president, is confronted with a situation involving ethical compliance and administrative agency responsibilities that he should handle to approach the case appropriately.

Laws and regulations regarding the operational procedures of organizations are set by both the government and the management of the organization. In this case, the paint leeches from the marine paint manufacturing plant pose a great threat to the existence of marine animals and the top personnel, the president, and the vice-president, have no intention of adhering to regulations behind the control of such errors (Ferrell, 2009). In such case, the administrative agency responsible for the regulation of compliance case of the manufacturer is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Miller, 2009). The agency was formed as an agency to regulate the activity and coordination of various environmental agencies in the implementation of the laws indicated under the nation’s environmental laws.

The environmental protection agency has a variety of compliance structures through which large corporations, such as the marine paint manufacturing firm, develops policies and strategies where the pollution control mechanisms are established (Miller, 2009). The focus on individual economic interests of organizations is a key structure established by EPA in ensuring that organizations consider the welfare of other parties and health factors in the long run.

Ethical Concerns

Ethical considerations are crucial in the realization of the production goals of a firm. In this case, the president and the vice president are involved in unethical behaviors, and it is u to Eric as the assistant vice president to take necessary actions towards ensuring business ethics are followed (Ferrell, 2009). Production in business ethics is one of the violated duties, which determine whether the production strategies cause any case of harm to the environment or persons involved in the production process (Cohen, 2016). In any case, it is hard to complete the full process of production with zero risks, and, therefore, ethical concerns arise (Cohen, 2016).

Eric’s Obligation to Mitigate the Situation

In the case of environmental pollution caused by the paint, Eric should introduce a strategic move where he rolls out a project which reduces the pollution caused by the paint, and this will avoid any cases of crossing lines with the top officials while at the same time solving the problem at hand (Miller, 2009). As an assistant of vice president, it is in his capacity to spot out the environmental concerns to his manager and ensure the matter is discussed as an industrial espionage case without necessary spotting out the unethical behavior he noted (Ferrell, 2009). The strategic decision may include prohibition measure of the technologies used in the manufacture of the paint whose effects and consequences are not well understood and could be the cause of the leeches.


The ethical concerns in the production industry, such as the marine paint manufacturing firm, are crucial in determining the success of the company as per the administrative agency requirements and ethics in the production process. Eric is faced with compliance scenario, where he is required to act as per the environmental protection regulations. As discussed in this paper, Eric has an obligation to consider ethical implications of the pollution caused by the paint and act as per the compliance regulations towards regulating the pollution. The ethical concerns in ths case regards the implication of relation between a junior and the executives while upholding proffesional ethics.


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July 15, 2023

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