An Application is Extension of Human

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The applications are human extensions. Recently, the sequencing technologies have advanced quickly, allowing for applications in biology and medicine. The techniques utilized for app image adopt a human shape depending on the role the app will serve. Developers thus make use of the many roles that various body components play. As a result, they create apps with a sequence that adheres to a pattern that will serve as the app's user interface. The genetic makeup of humans has aided developers in creating apps that closely mirror the human body. Hence, this essay will discuss the topic that extension of human is seen in applications.

In making an app more relevant and useful to the society, developers consider what the most significant problem that people are facing and how they would like to solve it. The apps which satisfy human needs through the eye and they give them pleasure. For instance, Instagram, where people interact socially, takes the eye form. Most people use such apps to meet their needs such as chatting with friends after work. The app ensures there is efficient communication among the target group who use the app. Most users of Instagram share their ideas and moments through the platform. They utilize the ability of the app to send photos to the people (Wurch, Lestienne, & Pauwels, 2000). As seen in the selected image, the app which resembles the human eye involves people interacting for long hours, and it satisfies the social-emotional needs of the users.

The development of apps which advertise foodstuffs looks like the mouth of a human so as to draw the people to buy food. In fact, they pass the information on types of food, and they attract a particular group of people. The engineers have this idea that if they make apps to target a specific team, they will be able to meet the needs of different groups effectively. Most of the apps have a particular area of interest, and they pass information to the user (Tsalatsanis et al., 2011). Therefore, the uniqueness of the apps is seen in the way they follow lines of the pattern.

The creation of apps which take the human form reduces the time people waste while looking for products or information that they need. Such apps indicate the creativity in engineers to ensure that people access the information they need from a given task. This reduces traffic in these apps because only a particular group with a common interest will use a given app (Hsu et al., 2014). The ability of apps to be specific is enabled by coding. The software developers utilize the human pattern to satisfy their interests in the apps they make.

The growing need for more developed apps has made many people consider and utilize the human forms. That fastens their ability to satisfy such requirements where they find what area of interest are the users looking for. The number of people who use these apps is determined by the reason for making these apps. These apps developed in the sense of fulfilling the needs of people have become more popular than those which are general. Thus, the apps have heard a lot of users across the world because they have been able to attract different groups of people using the given product being sold by the app (Hsu et al., 2014). The strategy enables the engineers to concentrate on developing a quality color which will meet the desires of the target user. Marketing such apps which have a human form is secure.

The number of apps which have the same target population of people will only be lucky if they can have a quick access without interfering with the beliefs and norms of the users. Applications which market music have an ear-shape which is also seen in the colors they choose – orange. The orange colors have an attraction to the users. The music consumers often are attracted to the app because of the database that the app has. They can access the music they require to download and listen when offline (Wurch, Lestienne, & Pauwels, 2000). Therefore, the fact that music hears through the ear makes them use the ear like apps to satisfy the consumer needs. The apps, thus, can be said to be extended from a human. They existed in human-like form.

Taking the example of the food apps, it can be observed that apps have a mouth like shape. They include pizza which has a mouth like form in its pattern and can be placed at the mouth part of a human being when drawing the design. The model is able to reflect the purpose of the app. It attracts the people who love eating pizza where the logo itself has an attraction toward the food itself. Thusly, they consider installing such apps on their phones and they take time to study how such apps are used (Wurch, Lestienne, & Pauwels, 2000). Facebook, on the other hand, has an apparent facial pattern which makes it attractive to more users.

The naming of these apps also attracts the users and indicates what the apps are meant for. An app like Facebook uses a name which directly tells us that it is dealing with human beings who can watch each other’s faces as they use the app. It also shows that it is more social than economic regarding the services it provides to users. It makes the users understand the purpose of the app even without being told. In fact, the Facebook app has had a large number of people within a short period since it was developed. Basically, the app uses the names of people to store their information and in a book as its name suggest. Therefore, the faces of people and a book where they can interact with each other through chatting enable its users to share information they need. People can identify the person they are looking for just by looking at the faces (Hsu et al., 2014). Thus, the app can be termed as an extension of a human.

Apps with distinct colors communicate given information which human beings understand well. They can be able to tell what the app is about by just watching the choice of color. The hair apps are in black. They say to the user that the product being sold is black. As a result, they reduce the confusion that people have while using these apps. The hairdressing apps will mostly attract women. Since women are the most consumers of these products, they will install such apps and learn how to use them more efficiently since the products listed there are familiar to them. The increasing number of women will have to use such an app which they can identify with and uniquely caters to their needs. An app which users can access faster is more important than an app which is complicated and disorganized (Tsalatsanis et al., 2011). Such information is arranged well by taking the human form and work from it to satisfy the human needs.

The logos used in apps communicate a lot of information to users. They will be able to understand well if these apps will have a logo which has been created with an understanding of the human form. For instance, Facebook uses ``F’’ as their logo which stands for face hence showing the purpose of the application. These logos sell the idea of what the company is dealing with. They must be developed creatively to ensure that the users will not struggle to access and use them. They utilize the different use of these apps to know which part of the human beings is used to consume the product that these apps have. Therefore, the apps have an extension of the human. The apps have different shapes which communicate a lot of information. The Google chrome is round in way which indicates the human eye. The colors are mixed in round shapes which enable human beings to detect that this app is used in browsing. Therefore the app is likened to the small male human eye used to acquire different information in the app. The app has a large number of users who have separate information of interest which is watched online using the site. The application with such shapes resembles the human eye which has different layers.

Some apps have large icons than others indicating the target gender for the users. Most apps have images that have mixed colors since different parts of the eye have different shapes and colors. The texture of these apps from afar look also communicates a lot to the users. They can differentiate which app is selling food or social services. Unlike many other users who have a single controlling interest in accessing these apps, some of the apps are addictive since they make the people spend a lot of time on them. People derive a lot of satisfaction from them. They give the users a sense of comfortability and make them forget themselves. They are not able to detect what they need and if what they have been looking for they got. They are interactive and have made human being develop compassion toward them, and they utilize them many times in a day. Such social apps are Instagram and Facebook where one user stays online the whole day just browsing and checking up on other people who are also using the same apps.

The ability of apps to receive commands like the human mind and they give quality feedback has made many users of these apps lazy. The apps can be able to measure their weight and explain to them what food they are supposed to eat. Such applications replace the role played by doctors who are human. Human robots are an excellent example of apps which imitate the behavior of human (Briz-Ponce, 2017). The forms with such capabilities have attracted a large number of users as long as they are not expensive. The resemblance to human behavior indicates that apps are extensions of human to a large extent.

Most apps can store data just like the human mind. As seen on Facebook, apps like Google which have huge databases yet they are safe even more than the human brain were derived from human nature to store information. The number of people using these apps also determines the size of the databases. Most information in these apps is fed by a human for future reference or to inform others about the same (Kapalo, Phillips, & Fiore, 2016, September). These apps are careful to ensure they do not disclose sensitive information just like the human brain can store up valuable information for the users. They ask for logins to ensure that privacy has been adhered to. Such level of intelligence in apps is an extension of a human.

The applications with the ability to direct a person regarding direction on maps and even where carrying out some experiments which require procedures imitate the human behavior. For example, apps dealing with food often can give the right way of cooking food. These ideas are stated step by step as if it were a human mind. The coding is done with the understanding of how the human brain operates. Therefore, there is growing need to utilize such apps which can give cooks direction in preparing some meals. The Google maps guide drivers regarding different places. They can understand the location of the person, determine the speed required to reach the destination at a particular given time and even provide the specific routes to follow (Tsalatsanis et al., 2011). Such an app is an extension of human capability to understand his location.

The apps have been developed to detect and control activities of different animals such as chicken. These apps detect the temperature required for such animals to survive, and they change them in case there is a need to. Then the application with such behaviors also does take care of the sick animals. They are often computerized or connected to servers where they derive such commands. The apps with such actions and level of authority imitate the human response to control the operation of human beings. It is through such applications that people can now leave the babies under the care of computers which is an entirely rational behavior (Briz-Ponce, 2017). Such actions will increase laziness among the human beings, and they might forget their responsibility.

The increase in the level of production is as a result of the use of applications which have increased the knowledge of human being to carry out different abilities. The apps which offer the direction for improving weight and such are utilized by people to guide them in enhancing or reducing their weight. They give them the right practices to do per day to ensure that they acquire their desired goals. Such application capability level makes them be a similar extension of human (Briz-Ponce, 2017). They have replaced the role played by physical educators hence they have made work easy and cheap since people just need to install such applications on their mobile phones.

The increased rate of some processes is done by manipulating applications. These are used by engineers to ensure they acquire their desired methods faster than usual. Most of these procedures include operations done by doctors on their patients. With computer applications, they can detect and operate their patients more quickly. Such have helped to save the life’s of many patients who might have died in case precautions were not adhered to. The doctors give a command to these applications, and they wait for the computer to direct them to the right drugs to prescribe to a doctor. Therefore, the medical applications have been used to replace the jobs that humans were doing before (Hsu et al., 2014). They have been structured in a manner to operate the same as the human would do.


In conclusion, it is evident that applications are extensions of a human. Without such apps, life in the universe would become hard. People would not be able to operate their businesses and families properly. The number of families that remains socially connected through applications such as Facebook and Instagram is high today more than ten years ago because the developers have been able to capture the most significant needs of human beings. They have been able to reconnect with their families that for a long time had no other way to talk through which was cheaper and affordable. Another indication that these apps have been extended from a human is that they have some images which look like human beings demonstrating various aspects. They describe them being happy or sad. Some image is a picture of calm parts of the body hence indicates that they are an extension of human being. Accordingly, people should be careful when they are accessing these applications to avoid addiction to them. Time spent on apps which are addictive should be controlled. They should consider only satisfying their needs after which they should carry out other productive activities. Though many people find social applications as places where social decay starts, it is one of the avenues people can use to share their ideas.


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April 13, 2023
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