An interview with Madam Pamela

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An insightful interview with Madam Pamela on the topic of juvenile law.

She has a lot of practical experience in this area, which is why I was drawn to her experience in it. She has been a youth attorney for 16 years, which is sufficient time to become an expert in the field. She completed her college studies at Chico State. Her comments showed how much she hated having to put up with the long study hours and daily trips to law school. She mentioned thinking about leaving law school at some time to pursue other interests. However, she was a brilliant student and passed her bar exams the first time despite others failing to do so until their third time. After graduating at the top of her class, she began her career at Contra Costa County courthouse. She was passionate about children welfare and decided to pursue her passion with a law degree. Most importantly, her passion about children and career enabled her to bring together her once broken family. She was able to sober up her mother who happened to be a coke addict who could not take care of her children by taking her a rehab.

Middle Eastern Studies

Before engaging a career in Law, I would particularly be interested in majoring in Middle Eastern studies in a bid to understand the dynamics of law in the Middle East region. The region is mostly associated with violence and lawlessness and thus having an understanding of the region would facilitate my understanding of how the law can be applied for peace and stability in the region. After holding an interview with Madam Pamela, I realized that children and the youth are subject to a lot of injustices and especially in a lawless situation. Those who seek asylum in foreign countries are subjected to neglect and child labor, and by taking a career in law, I would be in a position to fight for their rights.

Law Career at UC Davis Law School

UC Davis Law School is ranked as a moderate competitive law school that offers more individualized student-centered curriculum. The school enables students to benefit from being a part of a vibrant community since the school has all its resources located within the campus, unlike many other law schools. The programs offered by the college are well in line with my career objectives which include observance of human rights and social justice for a peaceful community. Some of the programs include human rights and social justice law, immigration law, and international law.

Law Career at UC Berkeley Law School

UC Berkeley law school is mostly ranked as one of the top law schools in America. It has a track record of generating top officials in the federal government such as Earl Warren who was once an American Chief Justice, Dean Rusk who was once a Secretary of States of America, and Edwin Meese who was once the American Attorney General. The program offered by the school contains a Legal Studies program for the undergraduates. This Legal Studies program is not offered as pre-law studies but rather as liberal arts program that encourages students to reflect on critical values highly. Studies in this school will facilitate me to possess the critical values that are necessary for fighting for human rights. This situation will help me to fight for the rights of youth who are under the confines of juvenile detention, those who are entangled in the chains of child labor, and those suffering as result of seeking asylum away from home as a result of lawlessness and violence.

Law Career at Calpoly Law School

Calpoly begins it law program by offering its students with pre-law skills that include jurisprudence, civil rights, and judicial processes. The school, via its programs, will make me have the power to express my ideas well in both written and spoken language, I will have the capacity to clarify complex legal concepts to the people who may not understand them. Additionally, it will impact me with the political and economic knowledge that will facilitate me fight for political and economic rights for the minority in the society, and have an understanding of different cultures and languages that are critical in fighting stereotypical mentality for the observance of the rule of law.

My Personality Type

I am a true defender of the oppressed and believe in facts, not whims. Whenever I set my eyes on a particular goal, I strive to achieve it. My high endorsement for integrity and standards motivates me to take a career in law where I will be in position uphold the rights of the minorities in the society. I endeavor taking responsibility for once actions. People who do not observe the rule of law are mostly dishonest, lack integrity, and are not keen to the liberty of others. I take pride in making sure that the minority get what they deserve from their oppressors in line with the law. I am observant and believe in constant improvement for the betterment of the society in general.

June 19, 2023

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