Ancient Sumerians Essay

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One of the earliest urban civilizations to emerge from southern Mesopotamia was that of the ancient Sumerians. They were the creators of the writing system, and the script's design was primarily influenced by their wedge-shaped strokes. Ancient Sumerian language underwent frequent changes. The lettering was initially done from top to bottom, but over time it shifted to left to right. The gods that the ancient Sumerians worshipped were numerous and all significant. Old Sumerian society was primarily agriculturally based, with some fishing and hunting thrown in. It began in small villages. The Sumerians were clever, and they invented several things including the wheel, the plow, and the first written language making life more comfortable. Moreover, they are credited for inviting many other tools for farming and building.

Keywords: Ancient Sumerians, Mesopotamia, writing system, civilization, and farming

June 26, 2023
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