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A PowerPoint presentation is the ideal approach to complete the process of planning and delivering a relevant educational session on CAM, holistic health, traditional medicine, and other subjects to members of an organization. In fact, by completing this work, members will gain a thorough understanding of the themes since they will actively participate, particularly by asking questions.

The process of planning and delivering an educational session to any group of people requires a plan that includes themes to be covered. These include: Ethnic and racial groups' use of CAM in the presentation of the educational plan. How can nursing practices affect the health as well as the wellness of people who apply these practices?

How do nursing practices affect the ability of people who use them?

The importance of the understanding of CAM for the members of health care teams.

Competency of leadership in nursing related to CAM and among other related issues.

Ethics and morals which are applicable in the field of nursing that concerns CAM and other related disciplines.

The resources which the audience can use for better understanding of CAM include:

Book of Lawfare of Dunlap published in 2017. It includes some of the rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of CAM.

Book of Denton Jr of 2017 about A Divided and Selfish Nation: A United States of America No More pages 1 to 18. The book is quite interesting with providing teachings about using morals and ethics in the issues related to CAM. In fact, it gives the description of competency of leaderships portrayed by nurses when applying CAM.

European Journal of Cultural studies written by Ouellette in 2017 US television and the business of dispossession on the bare enterprise. The journal talks about health professionals have applied CAM before and how it has impacted their knowledge concerning the use of CAM.

Health professionals must know the usage of CAM by considering how various races or ethics embrace the issue. In fact, it is related to the practices of nurses since they must ensure that health series are provided in equity. As a result, the practices of nurses have great effect on the usage of CAM. For instance, situation where nurses adhere to codes and ethics as well as their competence when offering CAM services can motivate people to frequently use CAM. Moreover, the understanding of CAM is important especially to nurses and members of other health care teams since people have been seeking out and using CAM practices yet they do not wholly understand (Walker & Colledge, 2013). As a result, health care teams are capable of using their abilities to clarify the importance of effective and efficient use of CAM.

The usage of CAM can only be effective when ethical, legal, and economic issues are closely examined to accomplish the goals of the process. The practitioners must comply with the ethical and legal issues which are stipulated in Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct which are relevant to the usage of CAM. In fact, the professionals must have perfect knowledge concerning CAM that includes uses, limitations, connections with other treatment, and potential benefits of CAM (Arthur et al., 2012). Subsequently, nurses must show a high level of competence when administering treatments and providing clinical decisions. In fact, the services provided should not by any way violate the rights of the patients as provided in the constitution of the United States. Furthermore, the information given to the clients must be done with the consent of those individuals and a discussion concerning the cost, risks and benefits should be done before a decision is made (Arthur et al., 2012). As a consequence, the services provided should be affordable to many people and the cost charged should put into consideration of the economic status of the country.

Eventually, these forms of health care have great impacts on the actions taken by individuals and populations. As a matter of fact, they are cost effective so many people will automatically abandon the conventional forms of health care and shift to them (Shi & Singh, 2014). Besides, the usage of these forms is believed to be safe and effective. As a result, many persons will shift allegiance to them since people attractive to medication which is healthy. For instance, such impacts have been witnessed in the United States, China, and Korea.


Arthur, K., Belliard, J. C., Hardin, S. B., Knecht, K., Chen, C. S., & Montgomery, S. (2012). Practices, attitudes, and beliefs associated with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among cancer patients. Integrative cancer therapies, 11(3), 232-242.

Shi, L., & Singh, D. A. (2014). Delivering health care in America. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Walker, B. R., & Colledge, N. R. (2013). Davidson's principles and practice of medicine. Elsevier Health Sciences.

June 12, 2023

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