Branding as a marketing tool

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Branding is a one-of-a-kind marketing tool. It might be defined as the process of giving a product a distinct name and image. The fundamental goal of these branding features is based on the requirement to build a permanent image in the minds of customers. As a result, branding might be considered a type of advertisement (Jones, 2017).

There are certain measures that a company might take to protect its brand identity. Content optimization is one of these strategies. Content optimization necessitates the presentation of suitable information about a product during the branding process. This involves the use of words to describe the functions of such products as much as possible. This is done so that a glance customer can be able to pin certain distinctive features about the product. However, the primary drawback about the content optimization is the fact that the use too much world becomes less attractive. (Bravo, et al. 2017).

Use of visuals – this is the adoption of signs and symbols as a means of providing an adequate description of the quality and functionalities of a product. The use of attractive colors, shapes, and logos also come in handy when adopting the concept of visuals in branding. However, the primary drawback to the use of visuals is base on the fact that is it difficult to determine the exact visual and displays that will be persuasive to customers, (Bravo et al. 2017).

Over the years certain components can be implemented to a brand legendary, these elements include research. Market research provides an avenue to determine the actual need of the market and therefore meeting the needs of customers’ results in continued patronage. Factor such as quality can also be referred to as a means by which a firm can acquire brand legendary status for its product. One of the primary standard features of consumers is the fact they place emphasis the concept of quality. Most customers will pay a premium price for products which offer high-quality standards. Therefore, the adoption of the product quality strategy is a means by which firms can build a legendary status for their product. Other factors such as the use of innovation and technology can lead to the legendary status of products. Improvement leads consumer retention and repeated purchase, and hence they will associate a level of preference for products that offer the much need technological advancement. Therefore the use of continually improved technology could also provide a legendary status. Last, firms could use their pricing policies as a medium of creating legendary status for the products. Companies with most suitable market prices have a lot of sales turnover, (Vincent, 2002).

Global brands are well known based on the long-term performance and pedigree associated with them over the years. Hence, the introduction of such branding to developing and existing market offers the possibilities of immediate success. However, certain factors are usually considered when moving global brands into upcoming markets. The factors include pricing policies and the market uniqueness of such market. In conclusion, it is important to note that global brands are expected to succeed and enjoy adequate growth in developing and emerging market. Based on their image is persistent pedigree that has been built over the years, (Alon et al. 2016).


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