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The Objective of Nursing

The core objective of Nursing is care for the sick, guiding of patients, patients counseling, and offering support to clinical officers. Nurses need to have people's knowledge and skills. They likewise ought to have necessary skills needed for the medical career (Wall et al., 7).

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

An Ambitious Nurse may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing which will be studied in a period of 4 years in a recognized university or college. If a student is a registered Nurse, he/she can enroll to pursue Bachelors of Science in nursing program. This program is meant for registered Nurses who have already attained a Diploma in Nursing (Wall et al., 8).

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma in Nursing is the least program in nurse training and is being undertaken in the health care facilities. Diplomas involve clinical instructions and three and above years of study. Most students who have studied diploma in nursing pursue bachelors in nursing (Wall et al., 9).

Licensure of Registered Nurses

Licensure of registered nurses: all nurses globally are required to acquire licensure after they have completed nursing programs. The requirements for licenses depend on different countries. Before professional practice, nursing regulation bodies require all registered nurses to qualify in the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (Wall et al., 10).

Job Prospects in Nursing

Job prospects in this area and in other countries too. The Bureau of Labour Statistics in the US and the UK predicted the growth in employment of registered nurses by 16% rapidly from the year 2014-2024. This growth is the highest by average in all occupations. The main reasons for growth include increasing rates of chronic illness like obesity, increased demand for preventive care and the increase in the need for health care services arising from baby boomer generation who are living large. The same scenario of job prospects is similar especially in China (22% growth), India (17%), and Nigeria (12%) (Curtis, 219).

Salary Ranges and Professional Organizations

Salary ranges, Professional Organizations, Associations and other groups that overuse the career. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has estimated the growth of registered nursing at 16 % from 2014 to 2024. It has reported that registered nurses earn a yearly wage salary of 67, 490 $ as per 2015 statistics (Curtis, 215).

Advancement in Nursing Profession

The nursing profession is taking the clinical route to become an APRN Advance Practice Registered Nurse. Nurses acquire certification and further studies as a nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, and nurse practitioner. Nurses acquire APRN identification to offer specialization care to different departments, they can prescribe medication and pursue master's degrees, the Doctor of Nursing Practice and finally Ph.D. (Curtis, 217).

Opportunities for Advancement

Opportunities for advancement in Nursing Profession. Nurses start their professionalism after they are registered, they will then be absorbed in health care facilities and hospitals as staff nurses. After proving their worth and competence in their place of work, they get promoted to higher posts. In addition, when they advance their education levels they increase their chances for growth. Freshly registered nurses have chances of climbing ladders to management positions. An employed nurse can be promoted to the post of an assistant department manager, henceforth get promoted to be department manager or senior nurse (Hoeve et al., 295).

Advancement in education and competence widens the nurse opportunities in that senior nurses become deputy director, then director, deputy president and finally promoted to the post of hospital chief of nursing (Hoeve et al., 296).


Conclusively, the rate of growth of the nursing profession is the highest compared to other occupations globally. The rise of chronic illnesses, increased demand for health services, and global demand for preventive care contribute to the growth of the profession. The requirements of attainment of registered nursing are well observed by the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. The nurse's level of study is diploma, associate degree, bachelor of nursing or Bachelor of Science in nursing these levels are observed in different countries based on the position of work, and education stages.

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October 05, 2023


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