Careers in Healthcare Administration

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Healthcare administration field is a scientific field which calls for broad educational background. As a healthcare administrator, I need to have knowledge and skills in management and healthcare. Currently, I am pursuing Masters in Healthcare Administration, and I will graduate in two years. Although this is a good start, excelling in healthcare administration at the national level will require advanced education. For this reason, my primary objective is to acquire a PhD in Healthcare Administration. This will equip me with necessary skills to rise to the top levels of healthcare management in Saudi Arabia within the next nine years. The following plan provides detailed objectives and development activities to achieve them.

Objective One: Get a PhD in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is a rapidly changing field and therefore requires adequate educational knowledge and skills. This objective will be achieved by enrolling in a university for the PhD in Health Administration. Earning a PhD in this field will enable me to rise to the top levels of healthcare management in the country. Completing a doctoral program in healthcare administration would increase my chances of becoming a leader in the healthcare industry and influence healthcare changes. With a PhD, I will be able to conduct original research on health-related issues and devise solutions. This is because doctoral programs require extensive post-graduate study and research. In this case, I will be able to manage healthcare institutions, contribute to policy development, and improve the overall delivery of services to the community. The PhD will take me between four and seven years.

Objective Two: Contribute in Developing Solutions to Healthcare Sector Issues

With a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, I will have adequate knowledge in applying the existing research studies in solving healthcare challenges in the country. As a Doctor of Health Administration, I will use current research findings in addressing real-world problems in the healthcare sector. The field is dynamic and therefore needs current information in tackling the emerging issues in healthcare. The development activity for achieving this goal is self-directed learning. This is where an individual utilizes self-learning materials such as books, research publications, and other sources of scholarly information. This will be possible after completing the master’s program after two years.

As a PhD student, I will be required to conduct a research study to develop a solution to a particular issue in the healthcare industry. This will be part of my learning requirement but will also provide me with an opportunity to devise a solution to a healthcare problem. In this way, I will have contributed positively to solving healthcare challenges in the country. It will also equip me with the necessary knowledge that will enable me to conduct further research and hence offer more solutions in the future. The development activities that will enable me to achieve this are self-directed research projects and special assignments. Self-directed projects will allow me to complete my PhD requirement and offer a solution to a healthcare challenge. Special assignments will enable me to participate in developing solutions to a particular issue in the sector. This will be possible after completion of the PhD program.

Objective Three: Take Leadership Positions in Healthcare Sector

After completing my master's degree in healthcare administration, I will apply for the leadership positions. I work at the ministry of health in Saudi Arabia in dental supply store, but with a master’s degree, I will be qualified for leadership positions in the department. This will provide me with an opportunity to work efficiently and utilize healthcare industry knowledge in management positions. In so doing, I will earn massive experience in healthcare administration which will be essential in preparing me for greater capacities. Therefore, after two years, I will apply and qualify for middle management positions in the ministry of health in Saudi Arabia. After earning my PhD in Health Administration, I will be qualified for senior positions in the department of health in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, after seven years, I will be working in a senior leadership position as a health administrator. Development activity that will enable me to achieve this aim is mentorship. In this case, I will work closely with the people in the leadership positions. Through this strategy, leadership skills will be induced through constant one on one guiding. This will enable me to perfect my administration skills.

Objective Four: Advance Management Knowledge

Healthcare administration requires management knowledge and skills. For this reason, it would be essential to enhance my management skills to make me a good manager in future. Managing a healthcare institution will require the understanding of human resource management. This will involve managing the employees to ensure maximum service delivery and overall improvement of healthcare in the country. Sustaining quality health services will also call for adequate planning and allocation of resources. Therefore, having management skills would be important in my career development. Management skills will be acquired taking management courses and through conferences. While completing my PhD, I will enroll in management courses. These are short courses that enhance leadership capabilities of people in management positions. Also, attending workshops and conferences is also another effective way of gaining management skills.

January 19, 2024

Healthcare Work

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