Childhood Development of Children Now vs. the 1950's affected by technology

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When contrast to what was available in the 1950s, society has seen a few changes. It is no secret that the accelerated degree of technological innovation has had a significant impact on the society we live in today. Based on the prevalence of the preceding theme, the advent of technology has altered certain facets of our lives. It should be noted that the focus of this analysis would be on comparing and contrasting the results of technological advancement in the present day and the 1950s.

There were few scientific developments in fields such as information and networking in the 1950s. Based on this fact, the child given birth to the era could only depend on the availability of physical interaction between peer or at best carry out exchange of information with the aid if the post office. The availability of the computer technology at this ear was limited. Hence, most children of that age were not exposed to primary computing skills. These resulted in limited academic prowls as the enormous benefits associated with the use of computers in schools were not available at the time. The application and the availability of the internet were also limited at the 1950s. Thus children of this age witnessed limited development regarding access to online information required for intellectual development. The technological advance in the healthcare sector was considerably low at this time. Hence child suffered, and some died of minor diseases.

In comparison to what is currently obtainable in the world today. There is need to note that child development is a different concept altogether. This age has unlimited accesses to information communication technology. Hence children can communicate with peers easily and share ideas with the use of smarts phones. The availability of computers is an integral part of the society today. The use of computers has contributed to immensely to the intellectual growth and developed of children of the age. Computers are now used as a teaching tool in schools, offering unlimited possibilities for academic research. One of the primary contributors to the development of children born into this age is the availability of the internet. All over the world, the internet has been celebrated for its unique role in child development. First, it provides an avenue for parents to acquire necessary information about child care and other needs of their children, hence making parenting more comfortable and less cumbersome. The internet has also been of direct benefits to children themselves, as it offers a pool of information that could be accessed implemented by children for all forms of intellectual development. Healthcare facilities are of the best quality in today’s society hence, resulting in the healthy growth of children

In conclusion, there is need to point out that there is an enormous difference between the world we live in today and the world that was present in the 1950s. Our current society is characterized by an increased level of advancement in technology. However, the reverse was the case in the 1950s. Therefore is it safe to say the child development in today’s world is a lot easier, more rapid and less cumbersome; while child development of the 1950s was slow and crude based the limited level of technology of the era.

October 19, 2022


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