Cultural Relativism

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Societies of the world have different practices that they believe to be right while others are wrong. Consequently, the members of the society only engage in practices that are conformal to the expectations of their community. As a result, individuals participate in other practices that are not conformal to the needs of the society. Still, some communities reject the people whom they view to perform activities that contradict the general beliefs in the society. It is prudent to note that the activities that society members consider to be right are conformal to their morals. However, the morals of one society differ from the other communities concerning the beliefs that a particular society holds. The difference in the morals of the community to their beliefs contributes immensely to the idea of cultural relativism. However, cultural relativism should not be permissible in the world from some issues as discussed in this research article.

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Cultural relativism postulates that actions are excusable as long as they are conformal to the beliefs of the society that practices them.  However, it is critical to note that some actions are not justifiable. It is crucial to note that some of the actions that other communities engage in lead to deaths or destruction of others' properties thereby shrinking the gains in the society. For instance, actions such as infanticide, violence against women and wars lead to the consequences that are grossly inappropriate. Therefore, organizations need to shun such violent activities even if they conform to their general beliefs.

The second flaw in the idea of cultural relativism is that the concepts of good and bad are difficult to define. It is critically challenging for one to judge whether an activity is wrong or right about the beliefs that one holds. Since most societies have different practices one cannot evaluate the practices of the other communities and make a valid conclusion on what one should do. For instance, the activities that particular community practices may appear to be wrong to the members of another community. Consequently, there is confusion on what activities people should perform without receiving criticism from other societies.

There is a need for improvements in the activities that societies engage in due to the changes that occur in the world. However, the notion of cultural relativism does not offer opportunities for communities to embrace changes. The basis of the previously mentioned idea prompts people to continue with their traditional practices as deviating to other cultures implies that they will embrace inappropriate traditions. For instance, the societies that believe in infanticide cannot quickly stop the practice as they think that it is significant in determining the sex of the children that they need in the society. Therefore, cultural relativism promotes evils in the society.

In sum, cultural relativism is not appropriate, and scholars should not defend it for the benefits of the society. Indeed, the tolerance of the idea mentioned above leads to practices that are not appropriate for the improvement in the welfare of the community members as it inhibits changes that are significant for the well-being of the society. Furthermore, cultural relativism prevents the criticism of the evils in other regions thereby leveraging animosity between various personalities in the community. Therefore, it is necessary that scholars stop supporting cultural relativism so as to help the human beings find a common way of doing their activities without infringing on the welfare of other individuals living in the world

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January 10, 2017



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