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When I was younger, one of my most definitive responses about my potential aspirations was, "I want to be a doctor." I always found myself fantasizing about treating patients and using the amazing devices I use in movies to do so. My experience did not inspire my ideas. I based my thoughts about my dream career and educational potential on movies and other fun stories I had read. Currently, I wish it was as easy as I once imagined. When I've grown older and experienced more, I've discovered that in order to succeed in any profession, one must work extremely hard and be passionate about it. I have also learned that my accomplishment of my educational goals is not solemnly based on my abilities, but also the input of the teachers. Through experience, I have learned that for one to achieve, they should not only be motivated to excel, but also be led by talented and motivated teachers.
I learned from two separate experiences that the success of a student depends on their input as well as the input of their teachers and their hard work. I learned that the application of different techniques was important for students to understand and get interested in a subject. An example of a negative experience I have had in my educational life was when I was in my sophomore year of studies. I had an algebra class that I was supposed to pass to do the take an advanced class. The course had an excellent teacher. She was friendly in class, and her delivery was always excellent. However, I overestimated my ability to do the math and did not attend most of the classes. I would just copy notes from friends and go for continuous assessment tests.
The exams came, and I realized that I had not studied hard enough in the semester. Therefore, I tried to study, but there was too much to cover. Thus, when the exam came, I did not have much to write. I knew from the start of the math paper that I would fail terribly. I got out of the exam room after half an hour after writing my name and answering a few questions. I was very embarrassed. I was even more uncomfortable with the idea that I was sure I was going to fail and that it was all my fault.
I waited for the results hoping that a miracle would happen. However, as fate would have it, I failed. I was among the people who did not get more than 50 percent. Therefore, I had to retake the course and study hard. The lecturer was also excellent. I passed my CATS, and when the final exam came, I was confident that I had adequately prepared. I did the exam and passed. I was delighted. It turns out that my initial failure was a blessing in disguise. It was a wake-up call for my colleagues and me.
The assigned readings made the matter of intelligence and passing exams clear to me. The reading game a better perspective concerning the functioning the brains of students and how it impacts passing exams. The article called 'Brainology' was especially enlightening. According to the article, intelligence is not fixed. Therefore, it is wrong to say that every person has a particular and that it cannot increase or reduce (Dweck par. 3). I can relate to the argument of the writer because it is such a wrong mentality that led to my failing. However, after in my sophomore year, I realized that people could increase their mental capabilities by working hard. I also encountered another quote in another reading, "Gritty individuals are tortoise-like, distinguished by their propensity to maintain effort and interest over the years despite failure, adversity, and plateaus in progress' (Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews, & Kelly, p. 1088). I can relate to the article because my inability to work hard and be consistent in my first attempt of the Algebra course cost me. In the second attempt, I was persistent and hardworking and therefore passed.
I will apply my readings and experience to ensure that I pass my English class. I hope to be proficient in English. I hope that my hard work and persistence will enable me to become a good English speaker and also enable me to use the language in various aspects of my life. I am now motivated to study hard and practice my language skills even harder. I know that I can improve my understanding through practice and that my input is essential in ensuring that I pass.
In conclusion, in my past, I have encountered failure and success. However, I have contributed to the failures at the time by not working hard enough or not being persistent in my hard work. After reading the assigned readings of the English course, I understand that teachers are just guides and that students need to work hard to succeed in their education. Therefore, I will work hard and respect my teachers to ensure I pass the English class as well as other classes while in the institution and others. I hope my continuous input and persistence will bear fruits.

July 24, 2021

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