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The site placement of work in the fields of art, performance, architecture or media by various modern artists in a historical, economic, and cultural perspective has enabled the reflection of the past events that took place during the ancient up to the most recent. The reason is to the message passed through a dramatic posture influenced by social, technological and political dynamics that have occurred within the past 50 years (Harper 43). The society values together with basic assumptions, which mainly involve postmodern tendencies, are used by the present-day artist to express art and architecture. However, the greatest challenge in defining the world is the diversity that hinders effective description using visual characteristics, cultural aspects as well as artistic themes.

Modern artist represents art in an evolving manner using ideas from various painters, writers, sculptors as well as the performers who use individual and collective approaches in making art. Modern art is alleged to have begun in 1850 soon after the discovery of realism, styles together with approaches in the art which became redefined during the twentieth century (Harper 61). Practitioners have created with new styles, which are meant to develop an illustrative language that has both representation and originality within specific time flames. The modern-day artist has been able to come up with conceptual art, which involves ideas that work in taking superiority over long-established aesthetic, material as well as technical concerns. The conceptual artworks, which are referred to as installations can be constructed through following the set guidelines thus coming up with art in prints.

In a cultural perspective, authors such as Tony Godfrey have emphasized that the conceptual art portrayed by contemporary artist tends to question the art’s nature. The introduction of language-based art back in 1960 made the conceptual artist like Lawrence Weiner to commence a radical interrogation that was more intensive (Taylor 118). The major concern was to question the role assigned to artist whereby the main assumption is to formulate specific types of material objects. Through the association of various artist from all over the world with collaboration to events and exhibitions, conceptual art has become a popular aspect since it displays the modern art does not involve traditional skills, especially in sculptures and paintings. The use of illustrations in art has been closely linked with current practices which evade original aims and in turn coming up with problems while defining art.

Dynamics in citing various works of art have brought about an aspect whereby there is an effort towards political propinquity in the new left activism together with the productivist aspiration for resolution of societal conflict. Consequently, modern artist tends to concretize the cultural predicament that dwells on falsification as well as the downfall of art through mimicking the nemesis which is reflected in the structure of the artwork (Groensteen 26). The functionalistic together with the activistic feature used in radical art conceptualization attempts to bring down the fierce fortification circle using a dialectical inversion. As a result, there is an emergence of direct precedents that occur during reductivism of the art done throughout the 1960s.

The reductivism accentuated the artwork, which resembles the non-art elements thus being directly preconditional in the dematerialization of any work of art to become a critical language. Moreover, there are transformations that are derived from the emblematic which are meant to directly criticize various forms of expressions which are a major achievement of conceptual artwork. The critical language formulated during the use of conceptual art work is usually constructed through discoursing publicity, academism, journalism as well as architecture (Groensteen 78). Various artists usually define art as a disclosure that sites the effects of power generated from publicity, bureaucracy, and information, especially in major urban centers. In attempts to emphasize on the idea of analytical and critical language, there is an expression of isolated antipodes and artistic art entities which the artist treat as a non-theoretic language thus creating treatise to represent works of art. Therefore, the terms formulated portray physicality terms, production modes which include enforcement that helps in catching up with the contemporary arenas.

The insight of conceptual art has been made explicit through various works that use both the universal system and the monopolies in media, which had to eliminate socially critical initiatives set during the Second World War. As a result, conceptualization has become the basis of support systems used in new art through the process which they are inscribed in a multifaceted bureaucratic system of authority and information essential in cognitive structures (Taylor 89). The modern artists have presented a condensed image that is characterized by materialized value free disciplines in academics used in universities. The conceptualism exhibition approach is a self-conscious way to be presented in museum gallery systems, which include complex institutions that have architectural outlook established by minimalism to be an important arena for the current synthesis. 

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