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The controversy about whether or not God exists rages on. Many who believe in God believe that in order to acknowledge God's presence, one must have faith and therefore believe in Him, while those who do not believe in God believe that if God really were, he would have proved his existence to the people. In my article, I would look at all sides of the debate about God's life.

According to the poet, Greta Christina, there is sufficient proof that God does not exist. For starters, nature is called into question due to the consistent substitution of divine causes for the universe with natural ones. For instance, the explanations of some phenomenon such as why the sun rises in the east, but as technology has advanced, people are now able to explain this occurrences without using religion. These supernatural phenomena are also unable to stand any through testing. The inconsistency of the religions that are practiced in the world is also evidence that the author points towards the inexistence of Supernatural power of God. The different religions that are practiced throughout the world usually don’t agree on who God is and therefore this make it very hard to believe in his existence since if God existed, there would be order in the believe of his existence(Christina, 2012).

Furthermore, those who are for the existence of a God, usually have weak and inconsistent explanations and arguments of his existence. For instance, they argue that God exists because the bible and other sacred books say so and of which these sacred books usually have numerous mistakes. As the people’s understanding of the physical world and the ability to test the power of God has increased, there has been a resultant increase in the diminishment of God I.e. people are no longer needing God to explain occurrences such as floods, sickness or consciousness, which earlier on were attributed to the power of God (Martin, 2006).

The fact that religion runs in families is also a major reason that God doesn’t exist. The religion in which one belongs to is determined by the what religion they were brought up with. This implies that people rarely examine the available religious beliefs.

The article sums up that the complete lack of solid evidence for God's existence is main reason as to why God doesn’t exist. The theists have failed to prove that God really exists. Further, if God existed, he wouldn’t need people to explain his existence but he would just prove his true identity.

God Exists

On the article ‘seven proofs on God’s existence’, the author calls for people to have faith so as to believe on God’s existence. God proves his own existence. The creation is enough proof that there is a God who did that work. Further, the discoveries that have made using science also prove that there is God. According to science, there is an origin of the universe and it has not always existed, it came from something and therefore, the creation by a powerful God. The scientific explanations of creation such as the big bang don’t usually add up and therefore leaving only viable explanation of the existence of the universe to the existence of a God (Ames, 2005).

Life demands a Life-Giver and scientists have been unable to make life from a non-life so far. Science has also been unable to explain the origin of universe which is clearly explained by the bible "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). The existence of laws of nature is an indication of the existence of an intelligent master and Lawgiver i.e. God. The fulfillment of prophesies in the bible and answered prayers also indicate the existence of a God.

The article ends with the claim by the author that having a way of life that works for the mankind is an indication of a God. The way of man brings death while the way of God brings life (Hinman, 2014).


There is a God who exists. The manner in which the universe is created is good proof that there is a powerful being that created it and continues to sustain it. The evidence given by atheist for the non-existence of a God is all pointless since majority of their claims lack evidence. For instance, the unproven claim that the universe originated from a big bang (Dawkins, 2016).


In conclusion, people hold different thoughts on the ‘God’s existence’ debate depending on their upbringing and family backgrounds. Science has been unable to fully explain that God doesn’t exists, in fact, science proves the existence of God so people should not use science to discredit the existence of God.


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October 25, 2022


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