fair trade marketing plan

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Plans for Marketing

Marketing plans are crucial components in spreading awareness of a company's message and goods. Effective communication is the most important component of a successful marketing strategy. However, many businesses struggle to develop efficient communication plans for their marketing initiatives, especially when leveraging social media platforms. Utilizing a combination of long-form and short-form communication techniques is necessary for effective communication strategies in marketing campaigns. The marketing strategy listed below uses powerful communication tactics to spread the word about fair trade around the world.

Short-Form Communication Techniques

The marketing strategy will first use a variety of short-form communication techniques. Content marketing is one of the short form communication strategies and, it is aimed at sparking peoples interest in the message of fair trade. Short form communication strategies, thus, connect and engage with the target audiences. Moreover, this content marketing involves the use of online material such as social media posts, infographics, web pages, mobile applications, videos, and blog posts (Holliman, & Rowley, 2014). Furthermore, these methods offer information about the activities of a company relevant to the needs of various customers. As a Short-form communication strategy, content marketing involves passing of information through the use of fewer than one thousand words. The use of few words, thus, necessitate precise verbiage. The advantages drawn from the use of these short-form communication strategies include: reaching more people as it is mobile friendly, strong message is passed to people efficiently and quickly, and messages passed is fast to read and easy to understand.

Long-Form Communication Strategies

In addition to the short-form communication strategies, long-form communication strategies are essential in sensitizing people regarding fair trade. The fair-trade marketing plan employs the use of white papers to create global awareness about fair trade. White papers are authoritative reports that will explain in detail the issue of fair trade. As white papers use more one thousand words, they are long-form communication strategies.

White Papers

White papers are highly objective and contain various professional and expert opinions (Stelzner, 2007). Being long form communication methods, white papers serve as an education and informing tools. However, the efficient use of white papers as communication methods in marketing plans requires employment of interesting content as people are prone to short attention spans. Various advantages drawn from the use of long-form communication strategies include showcasing in-depth knowledge about fair trade, highly-invested people in a fair trade can gain valuable insights and information, and white papers are ranked highly in search engines in addition to being easily shareable on social media platforms.


Apart from white papers, the marketing plan to create awareness about the message of fair trade will involve the use of guides. A guide will use various sections and subsections and explains in detail about the subject matter of fair trade. The guide reduces the extended information into small chunks that are attractive and easy to read. As a result, the guide will quickly explain various processes involved in fair trade.


In conclusion, it is clear that an effective marketing plan requires the use of effective communication strategies. However, efficient communication strategies involve the use of both long form and short form communication methods. The yardstick used to define the two forms of communication is the one-thousand-word mark. Short form communication method applied to the fair-trade marketing plan is the use of content marketing which involves the use of tools such as social media posts, videos, and blog posts. On the other hand, long-form communication strategies will include the use of white papers and guides in promoting awareness about fair trade globally.


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March 10, 2023

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