Harry Potter and The Seven Deadly Sins

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Pope Gregory as an opposition of virtues created the seven deadly sins. The deadly sins include the anger, sloth, envy, pride, gluttony, greed, and lust. In the book, the Horcruxes that were made for Voldemort were the manifestation of the seven deadly sins. With the death of primary characters in the play, Voldemort took the place of a judge and identified the significance of the seven deadly sins. In the paper, there will be an evaluation of the deaths to determine the connection between the Horcrux, the representation of the artifact and the link with the seven deadly to identify the significance of each death to the opposing virtues. Each pattern of the Horcrux presents an overcoming of the seven deadly mainly because the sin is in opposition with their virtues.

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Tom Riddle’s Diary

In the memory of Slughorn, it is evident that the Tom Riddle sought after the Horcruxes, which were a banned subject at the Hogwarts institution, a practice that Dumbledore was particularly strict about. It was Hermione’s discovery of the Secrets of the Darkest Arts in Dumbledore’s office that she establishes the connection and identifies that the book was kept to keep Tom Riddle from the book. Evidently, the Exploration of the Chamber of Secrets by Tom Riddle and the basilisk that was before the second year for Harry Potter at the institution using the death of Moaning Myrtle and suspicion the involvement of Tom Riddle in a bullying incident that the book is moved from the library.

 In the ‘Half-Blood Prince’, the retrieved memory presents Tom Riddle‘s quest for the Horcruxes where he indicates Wouldn't it be better, make you stronger, to have your soul in more pieces? … isn't seven the most powerfully magical number, wouldn't seven’?"(Rowling 2005 p. 456 and p.466) however, it was during the incident that Tom is seen to be in possession of his uncle’s ring an indication of his act of murder and thus making the ring the second Horcrux. However, not until the failure of Voldemort to use Quirrell in the capturing to the Philosopher’s Stone to turn himself back that Lucius Malfoy uses the diary unaware it was a Horcrux. Evidently, the destruction of the Horcrux establishes the presence of the rest to guarantee Voldemort's chances of survival.

Moaning Myrtle, the Diarycrux, and Lust

The killing of Moaning Myrtle with the basilisk is an establishment of the deadly sin of lust as Tom Riddle uses the resulting tear in the making of the Diarycrux. Evidently, the name Moaning Myrtle is heavily sexualized establishing it as a symbol of lust. She is bent on experiencing teenage romance. Tom Riddle uses her desire to have romance as a means to get to her. Being a heartless bully, consumed by the lust to control his victims, he sought out to kill to achieve his selfish means. If Moaning Myrtle had become the victim, in this case, she would have no doubt exposed how ‘"Tom Riddle, poor but brilliant, parentless but so brave, school prefect, model student'(Rowling, 2007 p. 239) had been using the girls’ bathroom as a means of unleashing the basilisk onto other students. Evidently, it is the romantic posturing and fraudulent activities that the worries of Ginny, which had been, linked with the death of Moaning Myrtle that Harry as her Valentine overcomes the sin of lust established in the Diarycrux with a possession of the virtue of Chastity to eventually find true love in Ginny.

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A Vengeful Ringcrux with an Angry Death Curse

The anger of sin is established in the Ringcrux especially when Tom Riddle Snr. is identified to be "even more [snobbish and rude]"(Rowling, 2000 p8), making him the next victim of the Horcrux. Tom Riddle Jr. was angry about his father that he stole his uncle’s wand and his grandfather ring to kill his father. His anger is founded in his relation with Merope and the fact that his father was mixed blood individual whom he sees as "a foul, common Muggle"(Rowling, 2000 p9). Perceivably, the ring brought out Tom Riddle Jr.‘s Anger to kill his father.  The resolution of the sin is in Dumbledore’s faith in other individuals as Snape comes to his aid thus establishing the opposing virtues of faith and patience that were critical in the destruction of the part of Voldemort's soul used in the creation of the Ringcrux.

Greed and Hepzibah’s Cupcrux

Unlike the diarycrux, the ring has power in its right because the items from Hogwarts’ Founders yielded some magical power. Helga Hufflepuff chose hardworking and loyal students to join her house thus the founder’s item which was identified to have "all sorts of powers' (Rowling, 2005 p. 408) was established as the Cup of Plenty that uses magic to prosper the efforts of the bearer. Based on thy, Hepzibah Smith the owner was guaranteed sufficient income that would give him the ability to enjoy the necessities of life. Her desire for prestigious treasures established her greed at the point where she displayed a flattering bouquet of flower and in her admiration presented a "greedy expression was curiously mirrored" (Rowling, 2005 p.408)on her face. Hermione, who has been greedy for recognition and academic success, is the perfect person to destroy the cupcrux as she tempers her greed to reorganize their priorities to become an indispensable part of Harry Potter’s inner circle. The relation between Voldermort, the Cup of Plenty, Hermione, and Gringot's vault establishes the significance of Hepsibah’s murder as upon her death Voldermort immortalized his soul to complete the Horcrux.

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The Diademcrux, an Albanian Peasant, and Sloth

The Albanian peasant is perceivably a strange choice to become the victim of the Diademcrux based on the economic description of them. The Sorting Hat establishes clues in its association with eagles and mountains. It is Voldermort who finds the diadem that had lay unnoticed in a hollow tree when he killed the first farmworker he met by outdoing the victim in sloth. Voldemort, who sought not to earn a living, is no better than the Albanian peasant. Crabbe is the ideal individual to destroy the Horcrux as he lazed his way in the school by doing the bidding of Draco Malfoy. It is the lack of information, poor study habits, lazy choices, lack of perseverance and unproductive effort that links the Room of Hidden Thing, the tree in Albania and his diligence to the peasant murdered in Albania in order to establish diligence and hope that opposes the sin of sloth in order to destroy the soul of Voldemort in the Diademcrux.

The Envious Locketcrux and the Tramp

The Slytherin Locket is another Horcrux made by the killing of a Muggle tramp. In the established preference of Cecelia to Merope by Tom Riddle Snr., Merope’s feelings of envy and rejections are in line with those of the Muggle Tramp used in the making of the Locketcrux by the envious son. There is a link between the people’s perception of others and how they bear a resemblance to the self-interested view of the world of a powerless, and low-status Muggle tramp possesses by Slytherin. The Locketcrux affects the trio and each develops doubt in each other. Ron in comparison to the rest has the least confidence when he compares his family to Hermione and the fame of Harry Potter. With the sword of Gryffindor,  he destroys the Locketcrux that echoes Voldemort's perception of life where envy presents a point of view that is strong enough to tear a part of his soul.

Proud James Potter and the Harrycrux

James Potter in  his early years had been identified as a bully evident in Lily ‘s description James Potter as "an arrogant, bullying toerag." (Rowling, 2005 p. 415)   and Snape ‘s constant reminder to Harry Potter on his father’s arrogance. In the death of James Potter, his son became an accidental Horcrux. Harry’s self-criticism and choice to face death at the hands of Voldemort to destroy the Horcrux.  Despite the arrogance of James Potter, Voldemort's is much greater yielding to his humble fall established in Harry Potter’s humility and love that protects Harry.

Bertha Jorkins and the Naginicrux

Bertha Jockins was an individual of negative talents and in her nosy activities knew too much information. Bertha’s death made Nagini into a Horcrux. Nagini as a Horcrux is the eight and a representation of the animal nature evident in Voldemort's gluttony of parts of the soul. Also, Nagini is a representation of issues to do with control and injustice.


 For each Horcrux, the deaths play a significant role in establishing a link to the deadly sins. For Voldermort, these were a guarantee of his prolonged life. Indeed, each pattern of the Horcrux presents an overcoming of the seven deadly mainly because the sin is in opposition with their virtues.

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