Heroic Code in Beowulf

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Sun Tzu and the Heroic Code

Sun Tzu was regarded as a heroic strategist who wrote military guidelines to states in case of wars. Authoring the book art of war which is based on military strategies that significantly had an influence on the Asian culture and the rest of the world. A lot of wars have taken place in the history, and the puzzle is how some warring parties come out victorious while others were defeated. Another mystery is whether the winners had an advantage over the choices made by their leaders. Tzu in his book outlined some of the strategies that may have been quite helpful during wartime and is also influential in the business world today. This paper shall delve into the heroic code in Tzu's book and how it was followed by Beowulf.

Heroic Codes Examples in Tzu Strategies

Looking into the five strategies that Tzu outlines in his book, they are moral ethics, climate, terrain, leadership, and methods. All these are needed to reach a victory in a war. The crucial factor of all is moral ethics. This is the most significant factor in Sun Tzu principles. In daily lives, moral ethics is a uniting force in wars. It serves as real requirements of the countrymen since the mission is focused on the people (Griffith and Liddell, p.11). An example of heroic code according to Tzu strategy is fighting to protect what one believes in as well as in attempts to protect the people with the same beliefs and moral code. The heroes in such a case cannot be intimidated or compromised by the ideas of the enemy. One has to be principled enough to avoid possibilities of betraying others. The soldiers under the command of an ethical leader are supposed to be fighting in the spirit of protecting their ethical values.

The Role of Climate or Timing

The second strategy is climate or timing. This means the weather or season changes. Even though in a war zone, the climate is an uncontrollable factor; a gallant leader knows how to use it to their advantage. The leader shall choose the most opportune time to fight, utilizing bad weather in a manner that it brings harm to the enemy. For instance, a shrewd leader can utilize the heavy storms to ambush the enemy because most armies are never on heavy guard during the rain. Also, a leader can opt to utilize the wind as a fighting tool at sea, because it can control the direction of arrows as well as the course of the boats. This was a common strategy in ancient times.

The Significance of Terrain or Ground

The third strategy is terrain or ground. This is a place where the action takes place (Griffith and Liddell, p.21). Therefore, a heroic leader would come up with a strategy of taking the higher lands to the advantage of the others. This is because it is easier to spot the enemies as they approach and fighting because the soldiers will be better positioned. Also, if a leader has few warriors, selecting a narrow path as a battlefield can make the disadvantaged soldiers win the war.

The Importance of Leadership and Command

The fourth strategy is leadership and command. His implies the abilities and attributes a leader has. A courageous leader grabs opportunities that he comes across with no hesitation. A wise commander has the capability of discerning changing circumstances and acts consequently (Griffith and Liddell, p.35). An example of a heroic leader is the one that gives the command to the soldiers and makes them indulge in daring situations in search of the factory. Also, such a leader does not hesitate in making difficult situations since they are authoritative and rule by the book.

The Role of Method

The last strategy is the method. In all the institutions, people belong to, structures, methods, and processes are all components of the methods they choose to survive and win. To be a hero, the proper method has to be applied to all activities including training and fighting. A good leader understands the fighting ways of the enemies, and hence he uses his skills to counter all the tactics that the opponent can use on the battlefield. An example is using proper fields and formation to attack the enemy.

Beowulf's Development

Beowulf mature from a courageous soldier into a shrewd leader in the. In societies, a heroic code is defined by how a noble individual ought to conduct themselves. This in a way is in line with what Tzu stated in his novel. The heroic code is of great significance in warring communities. All through the poem, Beowulf's transformation which is evident. Initially, he is a courageous fighter, however in the end; he becomes a shrewd and gracious king. This evolution depicts that perhaps a different code or strategies according to Sun Tzu is important to realize these different tasks. These sets of values demonstrate in the first passages of the poem the contrasting outlook of Beowulf and Hrothgar. At the start of the poem, Beowulf is young, courageous and has no worries about anyone (Heaney, p.15). He, therefore, could risk everything in the pursuit of personal splendor. Hrothgar, in contrast, has responsibility for the lives of numerous individuals and henceforth looks for their safety instead of his glory. Hrothgar's example gets to be priceless to Beowulf as he prepares to take the throne. He learns realizes as a king; it is his responsibility to praise his soldiers and safeguard his people. This is the same thing Sun Tzu, talks about a wise leader learning to praise his troops and punishing those who err without favor. This always requires firmness, which according to text was natural in Beowulf. After Hygelac passes on, Beowulf never hurries to seize the throne but rather supports Denmark's lawful heir. This is what Sun Tzu called proper timing. Beowulf knows that his time to take the throne shall one day come and therefore has to be patient and support the rightful heir at the time (Heaney, p.24). Beowulf had integrity since seizing the throne hurriedly could have brought about an unnecessary conflict. With this act of loyalty and respect for the throne, Beowulf character had transformed. Rather than seeking the glory for himself, he believes that it is right to wait for the throne. At the end of the poem, Beowulf has been crown the king. He encounters the dragon, and they fight, and he eventually dies. This last act is seen as heroism because he is willing to protect his people as a brave leader is required to do.

Importance of Heroic Codes

The heroic codes are important because they acted as a guideline to warlords back in the time. They facilitated the ruling strategies of leaders during the troubled times. The Asian communities were able to live without much fear because some hints on how to be victorious in the war had been shed through the heroic code. Also, the code has enabled people to understand the course of wars during the ancient times and what made some communities powerful than others. Currently, since the wars are not frequent, the strategies can be applied by an individual on the pursuit of victory or achieving the set goals. Also, an organization can utilize these strategies in dealing with competition in the market.

Importance of Reading Both Texts

Reading both texts is crucial because one can have a clear understanding of the work by Tzu. Both texts have a different choice of words, and hence a person can fail to like or understand one of the translation but follow the other. The other necessity is that the message or the theme of the text will be comprehended by the students fully as well as the stylistic devices used in work. Also, reading both texts helps the learners to have a perfect orientation of the background of the stories. In other words, various examples are provided such that one can be able to tell why a certain strategy had to be used by the leaders as a means to secure the victory.

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November 24, 2023

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