How did the Italian Renaissance ideas spread northward?

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Between the 14th and 16th centuries

Italy experienced a period known as the Renaissance, which was marked by many changes in the region. In Italy, Renaissance refers to the regeneration or rebuilding of a specific social role. The country transitioned from the medieval to the early European period, at which time various regular societal operations were significantly altered. The Italians had a need to restore some of their finest beings before the regeneration period began, which resulted in the development of the Renaissance process. As a result of the process, Italy had several achievements regarding science, literature, philosophy, music and arts. As a result, Italy was recognized as the leader of Europe as a result of the major changes they managed to bring in their country (Marvin et al. 34). Therefore, the main aim of this assignment will be to discuss the various effects that the Italian Renaissance had in France as well as the transformation of the ideas.

Italian Renaissance ideas

The main idea of the Italian Renaissance was built upon restoring the ways of the country to their level best. The country saw the need of rebuilding their country after a long period of war among the people of different cities. Milan was considered as the most powerful city during the war period. The restoration of the Italian culture was the focal point of the whole process. For instance, the rebirth focused of reconstructing the literature of the Italians. During this period, the different Italian writers saw their writing being appreciated and widely embraced by all the people of the country. Also, the rebirth saw an improvement in arts as well as science and philosophy which highly helped in improving the Italian culture. The Italian Renaissance was basically built upon building their cultural life and how to use it for further development (Duggan 45).

How the Italian Renaissance ideas were transformed in France or England

Prior noticing the effects that the rebirth had in Italy, other countries in Europe such as France and England saw the importance of the approach to the development of the country in general. As a result, France also started stressing the importance of being proud of their culture and how to use it to boost the country_x0092_s economy. Since Italy was taking over the leader of Europe, France did not want to lose her status in the continent as one of the greatest controllers of the economy. Similarly, in England, the same rebirth happened which resulted in the support of different sectors which were culturally based. Therefore, the two countries used the ideas to improve the life of its citizens since they had proved to work in Italy (Rabb 36).

Effects of the Italian Renaissance on France or England

After the use of the Italian Renaissance ideas in their countries, France and England witnessed a lot of changes regarding development through the use of culturally bound talents. For instance, in France, there was a great improvement in performance art and the embracing of French. Also, the literature of the country was highly boosted where a lot of writers surfaced and gave their thoughts thus earning them income. The empowerment of the citizens helped them to focus on using their culture as a stepping stone to the betterment of their lives (McKean 23).


As discussed in the paper above, the rebirth of Italy resulted in a lot of changes in the country. The changes came along with a majority of positive implications being felt by the people as well as the other countries in Europe. Due to the benefits brought about by the ideas, other countries such as France and England embraced the method which also assisted them in boosting their economic status as discussed in the paper (Atkinson 18). Therefore, culture can be used in different countries to improve the lives of the natives as it worked for Italy and other European countries. Culture is a very important aspect of a given society since it shows their uniqueness in doing certain things.

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December 15, 2022

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