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Yeah, I agree with the author's assertion that worries and anxiety are common in human existence. Fear typically causes intense emotional reactions in emergency situations, such as when we are targeted by thieves or swept up in a robbery. Fear and anxiety can occur even in non-harmful situations such as examinations, public interactions, dates, or even work interviews. Anxiety and paranoia may result in a real or perceived threat.
I recognize that a person experiencing fear and anxiety would worry a lot. I don't feel lonely because everyone in my head knows and empathizes with our struggles on a daily basis (Peale, 1).
From the writer, I’m able to understand how the brain works.
The second thing with fear and anxiety is that it gives regular opportunities of practicing my trials. It’s important that I accept anxiety so that I look for new ways of cultivating skills that build my confidence. After accepting anxiety, I can always change the relationship that I have with anxiety.
Do you Find it Impossible to Identify with? Why?
No, I don’t find it impossible to identify with fear and anxiety. This is because such kind of thinking creates tension thus leading to more anxiety. The goal is to think about fear and anxiety the same way I would think about any stranger: I have to meet the stranger, notice him/her, and acknowledge the meeting and move on to other activities. I should not expect to experience anxiety and fear as something separate from myself; I should not expect to view it from a distance but rather should be caught up in the situation.
Identifying with fear and anxiety is difficult and requires regular practicing. Being honest, after a long period, knowing anxiety therapies can help so much. I can do this by reading anxiety and fear therapy books. I will need consistent practice to make sure the skills are automatic.
Does it Remind you of some Related Issue that's worth Considering?
The other issue I will consider impact of fear on thinking. Fear works by preparing individuals to danger, once the danger is sensed, the body reacts through release of fight or flight hormones. Once the fear pathway is developed, the brain can then behave in predicable ways. Chronic fear and life under constant threat aid in serious consequences that need to be considered. The impact of fear on thinking includes physical health, fear and anxiety lead to weak immune system thus causing cardiovascular damage. Gastrointestinal problems can also result.
The second impact of fear is in memory. Anxiety and fear have the possibility of impairing formation of long-term memories thus damaging some brain parts. Brain damage makes it difficult to manage fear thus making people anxious most of the time. Fear also impacts on brain reactivity and processing as it can interrupt brain processes thus causing failure in regulation of emotions. It similarly impacts individuals thinking in decision-making negatively, leaving people to be susceptible to emotions. People thus fail to act appropriately.
Had you Thought of that Point Similarly or Differently Before you Read?
I had thought of the point differently that anxiety or fear can not cause any impact on my thinking. Initially, I thought that fear only interferes with our emotional response. I failed to understand how fearing can control how I think. But what I realize there a means of controlling fear. Firstly, it’s important to recognize fear with body. When I want to do body checking, I will ask myself how I feel right now. I will follow this by scanning from head to toe. Secondly, one can reduce fear with buffers. This is because day to day situations can cause unstopping anxiety that disables the brain from concentration. I also learn that anxiety can be eased by building buffers in individuals work and personal life. It’s important for me to schedule extra time to fight my anxiety obligations to relax the brain. Thirdly, I also discover that fear can be faced with controlled experiences. Through self-therapy, I can learn and slowly train myself to handle fear situations in a better manner. In encountering fear, in need to choose an action to take rather than freezing.
Do you Agree or Disagree with a Conclusion the Writer Draws? Why? On What Basis?
I agree with the conclusion drawn by the writer that fears and anxiety can be solved. I side with the writer that fear can be solved through several means. The first solution to fear is through therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling. It takes individuals through series of exercises. Secondly, fear and anxiety can be solved through medication. Drugs can be used to provide short term health solution to persons with fear and anxiety. It saves from looking at the root of fear and anxiety. These drugs are supported with other forms of treatment to be effective. Thirdly, one can learn more about fear and anxiety management through support groups.
Do you See the Experiences Described Differently from your Perspective?
The experiences are not any different from my perspective. I agree to the fact that lots of things can make an individual to be afraid and keeps some people safe. Fearing makes other peoples trials to never fail but the feeling is strong in nature, it can stop an individual from performing well. My actions when I’m afraid will vary and so it happens from person to person. I agree with the writer that when looking to solve the problem of fear and anxiety, I just need to know what’s causing the fear (Peale, 4). After doing so, that’s when I can manage ad reduce stress associated to fear and anxiety. I will therefore seek treatments to kick out fear and anxiety through varied treatments available.

What Points Did the Author not Make that Perhaps he or she Should Have?
The writer fails to describe that fear and anxiety is mental health problems and can lead to severe consequences. The sudden attacks of fear occur at unpredictable times and causes worry about another possibility of occurring. The writer as well fails to highlight the consequences of untreated fear. For instance, if left untreated fear can lower the quality of life thus leading to other mental health disorders presenting in form of panic, fear also leads to problems at work and causes social isolation.

Work Cited
Peale, Norman Vincent. (1967). Overcoming Anxiety and Fear. Foundation for Christian Living, NY

July 24, 2021

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