How to Read Literature Like a Professor

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Eyre Jane is a young orphan girl raised up by her cruel windowed aunt.  Her aunt and cousins abuse her and eventually sent Lowood to a boarding school. As she matures, Jane started to crave for adventure. She later accepted a governess position where she taught Adele a French girl. As the novel progresses, Jane begins to develop feelings for the employer, and the aspect leads to a drama-filled ending.

Seasons in How to Read Literature like a Professor

Seasons in literature are critical as they can serve as plot devices, symbols or representatives of change. In “How to Read Literature like a Professor” by Thomas C. Foster, the correlations between seasons and their deep roots is well explained (Foster 28)

Where is this seen In Jane?

Jane is seen in different seasons that marked changes in her life. During the summer, Jane developed integrity as well as a strong desire for the love of her employer Mr. Rochester. In the spring, she began a new lifestyle that was balanced as everything was working out for her. Over the autumn, Jane developed some sense of although she was satisfied with her life at hand. During the winter, her character wasn’t jovial as she was feeling pretty down (Charlotte 37).


“In Nice to eat with you,” the literature aspect of people eating and drinking together as communion is evident.  As one reads the novel, it is evident that a meal signifies unity as people are seen coming together.  In the book, How to Read Like a Professor, Foster uses the theme of means and coming together to inform the readers that communion doesn’t only involve sharing of meals but also it involves sharing of life experiences (Foster 128)

Where is this seen in Jane?

In many scenes of Jane Eyre, there are multiple occasions where her aunt mistreats Jane. The aspect of sharing meals and having communion lacks within the society as her cousin John abused her owing to the fact that she was an orphan. Also, the aspect of sharing and fellowship is evident as she starts to develop desires of love.

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