Industrial revolution

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The development of architectural understanding

The development of architectural understanding was made possible by the Industrial Revolution's improvement of mechanical cleverness. Isambard Brunel and other engineers invented suspension bridges, ships, and railroads. Thomas Telford claimed that because the parts of a suspension bridge are all entirely rationally combined, they encompass the purest form of beauty. The pylons are compressed while the suspension bridge cables are in tension. Henri Labroute's creations in the middle of the 19th century inspired famous architects like Charles Mckim to produce such noteworthy works as the elevation of the Boston Public Library. Double cast iron arches that were supported by thin cast iron columns resting on masonry piers were part of McKim's design. He went on to design the Biblioteque Nationale, which comprised an entrance to the lower left of the court which had a Principal axis traverses the room.

Polk and Halladie's assertion

Polk and Halladie asserted that for each significant structural countenance in a commercial building, a curtain wall would be required. 1890 saw the uncovering of the Auditorium building in Chicago, which embodied a unique and distinguishable element. In the late 19th century, the architectural design embodied such aspects as heavy timbered beams and columns. They were predominately based on the palazzo façade originally from the Renaissance period of Venice. In 1904, Tony Garnier designed the entire building in the town of Cité Industrielle. At the time, all such constructions were made by the use of concrete and the minimal use of ornamentation. The architectural design encompasses a roof garden as well as an atrium. Garnier conceptualized a city industrialized into a utopian state in which there was no need for law courts or jails. His architectural consideration of industry as a function of design was both well thought out as well as relevant to the ever morphing architectural field.

March 17, 2023
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