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273 views 2 pages ~ 289 words
Ethics Discussion Board 3

In my judgment, there is nothing contradictory about ethical egoism's premise that individuals have no moral obligation ...

178 views 13 pages ~ 3479 words
John Dewey Education Theory

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the school of general education in America, like that of other ind...

230 views 7 pages ~ 1726 words
passion for journalism

My interest in media and communication has been unwavering since I was in high school. Every time I watched TV as a chil...

173 views 2 pages ~ 528 words
Theory and Practice

The ability to exercise social, civic, or economic influence over one's subordinates is referred to as leadership. It va...

219 views 3 pages ~ 568 words
inherent risk

The inherent risk in a potential business that would affect the debt holder's capacity to repay the loan, hence affectin...

220 views 5 pages ~ 1176 words
The morality of the applicants

The morality of the candidates' actions might be considered from various perspectives. First, from the standpoint of ego...

96 views 3 pages ~ 559 words
The price on the non-dividend paying stock is calculated using the formula

The non-dividend paying stock's price is calculated using the formula F = 50(1 + rf). Where rf denotes the free interest...

245 views 1 pages ~ 265 words
Exxon mobil corporate bond

The present value of the semiannual interest payments plus the present value of the principle payment equals the bond's ...

188 views 4 pages ~ 984 words
utilitarianism concept

The principle of utilitarianism requires doing something moral or that provides the greatest amount of benefit to the ma...

203 views 5 pages ~ 1327 words
Definition of Organizational politics

The pursuit of those concerned in addressing the agenda and interests of the company with an eye toward achieving the go...

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