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I am writing to apply for enrolment in LPN program in your institution. With your practical nursing programs, I am sure that I will develop skills which will prepare me for the nursing career within few months. LPN program will also prepare me for the NCLEX-PN examinations which will make me a fully Licensed Practical Nurse. I developed the urge of becoming a nurse five years ago which prompted me to join a medical institution where I have been working with newborns up to the geriatric. From the time my mom died of ovarian cancer ten years ago, I got a keen interest in joining a medical field so that I can provide treatment to patients with similar problems and save lives. Conversely, my mother was a CNA, and she had a desire of becoming a nurse although she did not accomplish her dream.

I have been trying to repair the psychological torture created by the death of my mother who died due to lack of proper medication for ovarian cancer. Being a single mother, I have been working hard to take care of my two boys through being a role model to them and ensuring that I give them a quality life. I am grateful to understand that I am doing something in spite of working the dead-end job. I am working hard to establish a foundation for my two boys to show them how dedication and hard work pays off.

I have taken a first self-assessment, and I learned that I am not only a logical learner but also an acquainted individual. LPN program will enable me to focus on my educational journey, which will open more doors for me in the future. I have experienced a lot as a single mother and I know I am yet to experience more positivity and negativities, but I am certain that all the experience will harden me for the better. My feeling for serving the community is the driving factor that has made me aspire for the LPN program. I have worked with homeless women and children, spoke with them and I have learned to stay positive and also encourage people. The online profiles I have gone through challenges me to be professional before choosing to help the needy.

Additionally, I can say mentors are essential to us especially when we become discouraged (Salifu 374). Through seeking people’s opinions, I happened to come across my colleague and a mentor who suggested to me that it was vital for one to join the program in which he or she firmly believe that it will be a positive contributor to the institution as well as the society that they exist in. It is through such insight that I sat down and thought a lot about the suffering that the poor undergo with a reflection of the pain experienced by my mother before she passed on that I came up with a conclusion that I should do something.

The LPN program will open my eyes to many great things and will help me to understand the advancing technology in all spheres (Salifu 374). The main point of the argument is how technology affects us and not how we use it. The self-assessments in the LPN program will help me develop a better understanding of myself. I will be acquainted with the relevant information that will make me productive after the LPN program and hence I will be able to help the needy professionally. Having said that, I humbly request that you consider my request to join the program.

Work Cited

Salifu, Shani. "A Blueprint for Online Licensed Practical Nurse Training." Handbook of Research on Transformative Digital Content and Learning Technologies (2016): 374.

October 13, 2023

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