Management of The Supply Chains

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The ability of the storeroom operators to accept and release the delivered goods is necessary for the process of ordering in the storeroom. To make it simple for the delivered goods to be moved, the storeroom should have easy access to the receipts and records. A detailed summary of the inspection, storage, and verified goods receipt in the storeroom is provided, along with recommendations for how the receipt will be stored. The management, storeroom operators, and IT specialists want to develop and implement a new system that will automate the ordering procedures in the storeroom and make inventory management and tracking simple. In order to deploy the new technology information of the changes and the complete process should be communicated to the work team. To ensure success for the new technology the flow of information in the storeroom takes the shape of the mentorship, where the experienced workforce provides guidance to the less experienced workforce in the storeroom. Only the management and the IT experts should be considered as the possible mentors. The management being the decision-making body it clearly knows the mission and vision of the storeroom and the desired ordering process for the entity. The IT experts have the knowledge and experience of the new technology being introduced in the storeroom ordering process they are in a good position to provide guidance to the success of the digitalization of the ordering process to enable the smooth flow of inventory in the storeroom.

The storeroom operators should be mentored on the proper way to implement the digitalization of ordering process is that it is the workforce that handle s the operations department. The storeroom operators get their instructions and funding from the management they should use the guidelines provided by the management to achieve the set objectives and missions of the storeroom. The IT experts being the ones that developed the new technology has a knowledge of how best the technology can be implemented and also succeed. The storeroom operator has to have to take all the directions provided by the experienced workforce to achieve the needed success and increase the completion in the given market.

Shadowing occurs when the storeroom operators actively follow and participate in the activities or process that are just carried out by the management and the IT experts. The storeroom operators to spend more time observing the IT experts on the job help implement the new technology with each and every member of the company. The storeroom operators can explain their problems and ask questions to the management and the IT experts concerning the operating system and the new automating the ordering process and together as a workforce in an organization help each other develop a strategy and discover the problems they may encounter in the future. Through team building activities the company can be able to achieve shadowing by setting goals and objective to be completed by the small created teams of the mentors and the mentees.

When all the workforce come together to in the company to see the implementation of the new technology mentorship plays key role in the passing down of knowledge and skills to increase efficiency in operations and shadowing helps incorporate the new technology into the operating system of the storeroom enable for better record and receipt keeping and flow of inventory in storeroom. The inventory will be easily managed and tracked as a result of the automation of the ordering process due to the easy access of records and receipts.


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February 14, 2023

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