Metamorphosis about "Wise Neighbor."

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Pu Song-song Ling's "The Wise Neighbor"

The Wise Neighbor tells the story of a woman, Mrs. Chu, who has lost faith in her husband, while Mr. Hung loves the concubine. The two stories have a sense of absurdity in life. The Transformation Franz Kafka describes the ludicrous incident in which Gregor walks up to find that he has transformed into a gigantic insect. Primarily, the dream of Gregor is not a natural phenomenon, and the metamorphosis has a metaphysical meaning. Notably, the fact that Gregor explains the occurrence of the events in the tale demonstrates how the transition occurs as a result of a specific change. Importantly, in the story “The Wise Neighbor” the fact that Mr. Sung prefers to be with his second wife is an absurdity about life. In the story, Mr. Sung leaves his first wife to be in the company of his second wife, and they move to a new neighborhood. Importantly, the response to the characters in the two stories had some sense of absurdity because they seem to be absurd to Gregor transformation and Mr. Sung preference of the second wife. Primarily, the characters in the stories are calm and unquestioning and surprised by the two events.

Mainly, Gregor's Transformation

Mainly, Gregor becomes accustomed to the new changes that have taken place in his new body, and the mind starts with the modification in the physical desires and needs. However, he is never able to bring his body and mind to harmony. On the other hand, Mr. Sung follows his body desires and requirements and leaves his wife for the new concubine. Through such events, the stories suggest that people’s physical lives direct and shape their mental lives.

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