Middlemarch Book Review

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Middlemarch is a novel that demonstrates the nuances of English society. Although it was originally published in eight parts over the course of a year, it was later expanded into four volumes with 86 chapters. The story follows Dorothea and her family through a courtship with a man named Casaubon. The novel's storyline also includes Rosamond and Lydgate, who enter the story in chapter 11.

The book is set in the early nineteenth century, in rural England. It contains murder, secrets from the past, and marital infidelities. The central character, Dorothea Brooke, is a strong-willed woman who aspires to change the society around her. Her relationship with the Reverend Edward Casaubon is a rocky one, and she finds herself in a situation that is far from ideal.

In the novel, the landed gentry are still the most influential group in provincial society. However, families with considerable capital gained more influence and esteem. A prominent member of the landed gentry, Mr. Vincy is a ribbon manufacturer. Other characters in the novel include Mr. Bulstrode, the town's banker. Meanwhile, Mrs. Brooke is a member of the up and coming class, but she's reluctant to acknowledge it.

The novel also deals with the role of love. As the novel unfolds, the reader will meet two women who are devoted to each other. Dorothea is a beautiful young woman with a keen mind and an independent spirit. Her idealistic approach has made her a target of two men - Sir James Chettam, a good-natured young man, and Edward Casaubon, a pale, erudite scholar. While these two are clearly attracted to each other, they both realize that they're not suitable for each other.

Middlemarch is considered one of the best novels in English. It explores the individual as well as society, and is a classic Victorian novel. The characters are rich and believable, from the spirited Dorothea Brooke to the pedantic Reverend Casaubon. The novel also includes the idealistic Dr. Lydgate, who works in an institution of higher learning.

The novel explores the issue of love in marriage. While many characters in Middlemarch marry for love, many of these characters do so out of obligation. Marriage is seen as an important concern, but not the ultimate source of happiness. The novel also depicts several failed marriages, including those of Mr. and Mrs. Bulstrode, and Fred and Mary Garth, who experience a great deal of hardship in their union.

Bulstrode's shady past makes him suspect. His marriage to a wealthy widow left him with a fortune, which he used to pay for his own misdeeds. He never told his widow about his past, and thus ended up with the widow's daughter's son. Bulstrode tries to hide the truth from his wife, but his wife refuses to give him any money because of his guilt.

Meanwhile, Ladislaw's election campaign fails. The two men are at odds. Ladislaw leaves town in protest, but Dorothea believes that he is innocent and decides to repay him. Aside from the sex of the two men, they clash over the fate of Dorothea's daughter.

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