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Self-organization is an integral part of life. Various rewards accrue to individuals who are coordinated. They're still timely, and they're straightforward so they will remember and act as an inspiration of other people. People can improve their skills through studying. Important facets include scholarly writing, note-taking and presenting skills. The skills can improve the picture from the appearance to the material provided by the user. Organized people are also admired by many organizations.
Mastering in writing is an important discipline for undergraduate students. This article outlines five practical tips for writing scholarly essays. It exposes the typical errors of the student. Begin by analyzing facts. Students tend to describe events instead of analyzing facts when writing academic papers or other writings. Paraphrasing is also a problem with some writers. Lack of enough sources and incorrect reference style is a failure on some students. The use of formal language is another hurdle. Academic writing is characterized by the use of formal tone, the third person writing rather than first person perspective. It should be clear and on point focus to the research question. Fourth, strictly follow the essay format style. What happens is that students often make the introduction to be more than 10 percent of the essay, but they lack words when they conclude. At last, students do not comprehend how to paraphrase correctly. They fail to acknowledge other people’s work by citing the references. Good academic writing skills are gained with learning rather than forced absorption.
Academic writing is an important task in the life of a student. Therefore, it is essential to master the concepts of writing a good piece.

2. Note taking
Note taking is an important skill, which helps a student to highlight important ideas in the teaching and learning process. This essay describes five useful tips on note taking with student's common mistakes.
Firstly, recognizing the major idea is a problem for the majority of the students; they fail to understand the basic and most important points in a lecture, which leads to making many random notes. Secondly, reducing the information to note and diagram format, such as using bullets for major points. To ensure that enough for revision purposes rather than to record useless information as some students do. Additionally, students make notes that they cannot understand which in turn can affect their ability to remember the information. Fourthly, using the wrong note taking system may make the students get less than the desired information. Nevertheless, for most students, Cornell Method applies to everyday learning and teaching processes. Lastly, recording the source of information will help students avoid not find correct chapters and paragraphs when reviewing.
Note taking is an important process and students need to develop efficiency in the subject. It will help them maximize on data from the teaching learning process. Students who do not have effective note taking skills end up failing in exams. It is because they do not have the notes to revise, to get a better understanding in preparation for exams.
3. Presentation skills
Presentation skills are the most important quality a person should have in the society. This essay describes five useful tips on presentation skills, which are common with students.
Firstly, identify the type of audience targeted by your presentation. To capture the attention of the audience, one should develop effective strategies in the topic introduction. The wrong way of a presentation will disillusion the audience. Making jokes while making a presentation at an academic conference is discouraged.
Secondly, the speaker's voice should clear and reach each audience equally. The voices of most students are always uncommunicative to the most remote viewers, which makes the audience in the far corner unhappy. Moreover, not preparing for the speech is often frustrating the audience. To avoid this, students can arrive early at the place of speech to familiarize themselves with the speaking environment. They should check on the equipment and, if possible, try to practice the speech. Fourthly, a student should familiarize with the group members in the presentation. Therefore, during group presentations, the way of passing the stage from one speaker to another is useful. Students often have speeches without regard to other members, which turns the group presentation into a private speech. Finally, do not be nervous. Students are always too shy, which makes the speaker and the audience to reduce the interaction, and cannot clearly express the content.
In conclusion, excellent presentation skills are the tools of public communications. By using the skills mention above, the presentation event will become successful each time.

September 01, 2021

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