modern-day healthcare practice

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Computers in Healthcare Practice

Computers play a significant role in contemporary healthcare practice and have significantly advanced medical assistant administrative duties like patient health documentation, storage, and data recovery. Additionally, computers speed up the pace at which doctors and medical assistants switch between different pieces of information, advancing the course of a patient's therapy. Medical assistants can download patients' essential health information and view some of the most important medical files and documents with the help of computers. (DesRoches, Joshi, Kralovec, Mostashari, & Jha, 2013).

Choosing a Computer for Medical Assistants

When choosing a computer for this profession, one should take the practice of medical assistants into account. When purchasing a computer appropriate for a medical assistant, there are many models to choose from. However, a touchscreen monitor and desktop is an ideal option for this field. The 19-inch device is not portable and has been created for regular use in one location and in this case suitable for use in the reception area of a hospital. The model has a memory of 12 GB RAM with a storage capacity of 1TB 5400 rpm solid-state drive and a processor of 3.4 GHz and therefore guarantees efficiency without delays, necessitates rapidity and saves on valuable time (Olson & Olson, 2012). It has 3 USB ports making it possible to connect to other external devices such as fax machines and printers (Barfield, 2015).

Cost and Efficiency

The model weighs 20 pounds, has a power cord, and can keep power for over 12 hours of video after charging (Gross, T., & Beckmann, 2013). It is a bit costly compared to other models as it goes for $1200. However, the price is worth given the storage capacity is efficient for the massive storage information and data recovery needed in hospitals (Keen, 2015).


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July 07, 2023
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