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Famous philosopher and psychologist Jean Piaget once said: "Education involves producing creators...inventors, innovators...conformists" (Piaget, 2007, p. 25). I firmly believe that the purpose of education is to develop individuals who are independent and capable of using innovation to better the world. In light of this, I think it's crucial for people to learn how to collaborate peacefully. That is why I decided to major in social science. The principles of heuristic learning, curiosity, and respect for all cultures undergird social science (Perry & Perry, 2008). Such a comprehensive approach helps me uphold the ideals of Piaget while working under the values of the society. Social science is an area which emphasizes on the values supported by different communities. It is thus a field that prepares a student for studying international concepts such as those taught in an IDS degree.

I plan on focusing on all concepts of the society, and that is why I have chosen economics, anthropology, and psychology. Anthropology uses the concepts of ethnography to understand the concept of humanity. A comprehensive analysis of human behavior is significant in vital in accepting diversity. Ethnographic studies inculcate the idea of research, and this is the basis of innovation. Economics places a lot of intonations on aspects that build and maintain a society. These include consumption, production, affluence and the equal distribution of goods and services. The changes in an economy have a rippling effect, and they are felt all over the world. I am of the opinion that anthropology and economics prepare me for an IDS degree which is also important in making me an innovator and creator.

Piaget was a psychologist, and he had a strong acumen for the subject. Even today, his theory of development is still applicable in many fields. Evidently, he did not just obtain an education but he used it to improve his world. Psychology is an area which helps in understanding the functioning of the brain and human behavior. Additionally, psychologists are curious, and they are keen to develop working theories that improve the operation of the society. Psychology is a relevant component of creativity through research and living in harmony through the comprehension of the working of the brain. A degree in IDS is significant in building the ideas that I have gained so far.

Academic Goals

The work of a social scientist is to create situations that bring societies together ((Perry & Perry, 2008). In his analysis of education, Piaget made it clear that education liberates people so that they view everyone as equal (Piaget, 2007). I intend to meet these two objectives by creating a Christian app that connects people from various parts of the world. I envision a society where people are full of morals and they appreciate each other regardless of their differences. I understand that this may be difficult considering that not everyone has the ability to travel far and wide. However, I have used the inspiration of social media. I believe that it is possible to remain connected even without travelling far and wide. I am at the initial stages of developing my Christian app. Everything is working well so far but I believe that with extensive knowledge, I am in a better position to create something better than what I have.

I am developing a Christian app whose main aim is to bring people together. Developing the app requires an intensive understanding the behavior of people from various societies. My background in anthropology and psychology is vital but not sufficient unless amplified with an international degree such as IDS. Considering that I need some knowledge on technology and some funding for the project, some knowledge in these two subjects is of immense significance. An IDS degree is important in this case as it will help me in the creation of my research paper. All social scientists aim to make the world a better place by helping people understand each other better. My app tells scholars in my field that even as we seek to connect people, it is imperative to learn a variety of concepts. The social scientists will learn that even as I embark on creating a Christian app, I need knowledge from a variety of fields.

Professional and Personal Goals

The ideals and archetypes used by Piaget are employed in different studies as he encouraged the use of heuristic teaching. In fact, he began his career as a mollusk, and then he became a psychologist and philosopher (Piaget, 2007). He was a well-rounded individual and he kept emphasizing on personal improvement. Every time I think of my personal and professional goals, I focus on his ideologies and the way he was never rigid in learning. In lieu to this, one of my professional goals is to complete my IDS degree and further my education. Piaget made it very clear that learning is continuous and it is normally aided by memory (Piaget, 2007). However, I understand that memory is developed through gaining education and that is why I need to work on something I am passionate about such as my IDS degree. Through this degree, I will be in a position to further my studies and develop other apps or concepts that will improve the current situation in the society.

I am an open minded individual and that is why I am focusing on economics, anthropology and psychology. These three fields are quite diverse and plan on developing on all the areas that I can master just like Piaget. An IDS degree is a step towards becoming a well-rounded individual with extensive acumen in areas related to sociology ((Perry & Perry, 2008). I foresee a path filled with extensive discoveries in various areas and an IDS degree is a strong foundation for all these concepts. In his book, Piaget (2007) made it very clear that limits are self-created obstacles. He added that overcoming these limits comes through seeking knowledge extensively. An IDS degree is my step towards overcoming any limits that may exist in my mind unconsciously.

I consider myself a social scientist and I fit in a community of scholars who believe in learning through exploration. In their book, Perry and Perry (2008) describe a social scientist as an individual who studies aspects that concern the society. Such an individual obtains knowledge through research and exploration. All social scientists are researchers and explorers. They work towards making the world a better place and that is my personal goal. There are so many journals where social scientists can publish their work including the Journal of Social Research. Other scientific journals are specific to the subject such as the Journal of Economics or education. However, I still need to pursue an IDS degree so as to reach a point of publishing my work in these journals.


Perry, J., & Perry, E. (2008). Contemporary society: An introduction to social science. Chicago: Cengage.

Piaget J. (2007). Judgement and reasoning in the child. Ankara: Palme Yayincilik.

April 13, 2023
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