My Philosophy of Care

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In nursing, caring is a paramount aspect

In nursing, caring is a paramount aspect because it significantly affects patient clinical outcomes and promotes responsibility for health care personnel towards patients. There are several theories that relate to caring in nursing, and most of the nurses have exposal to these theories. Infants depend on care on the biological level for their survival as it is key to the patients (Pearson & Borbasi, 2002).

Competence to individualize care

Competence to individualize care is a critical component in health management, and it entails giving attention that base on the psychological, physical, cultural and spiritual needs of the patient and the guardian or family (Watson, 1999). Understanding the patient's context is vital while offering care thus its delivery needs competent delivery. It crucial that when a person decides to venture into nursing practice he/she has a moral obligation to care for all persons who might need medical attention. The code of ethics for nurses is what guides these moral commitments.

Image from Riverside Nursing Home

I chose the image from Riverside Nursing Home (see figure 1) because I feel that it entirely summarizes the whole aspect of how reasonable care should be. The nurse in the picture is helping the elderly patient while smiling and that is precisely how reasonable care should come. The patient also looks comfortable with the nurse meaning that the nurse must have gone out of her way to create a good environment that made the patient comfortable around her. The image paints a clear picture of care in general terms hence very applicable to be used here.

Fig. 1: Pictures of a Nurse Caring for an Elderly Person

Source: Riverside Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, (2018)

My view about care

My view about care will be influential in the manner in which I will be conducting my self as a nurse. Because I believe that the patients should get the best care and that care should not be affected by other factors that relate to the patient. The views will influence me towards providing world-class care to all patients irrespective of their age, race or background.

My philosophy of individual caring

From a caring perspective, I want to be a nurse that patients can trust their lives with and be comfortable around me, and this can only happen if I execute my responsibilities diligently, promote patient-centered care and be keen on providing health services that are safe to the patients. My purpose as a nurse as much as care is concerned will be offering my services without any partiality, and this happens if I only see my patients as fellow human beings who are in need of my expertise as a nurse and generally as a caregiver (Pearson & Borbasi, 2002).

My philosophy of caring base on the need for compassion and the importance of impartiality

My philosophy of caring base on the need for compassion and the importance of impartiality. It is crucial because the absence of these traits can be a stumbling block to my desire to be a perfect caregiver hence disrupting me from my per the theory of transpersonal caring, the health and wellness of patients can restore if excellent care comes to patients. Illness can also be prevented and hence paving the way for the restoration of good health.

Watson's theory

As per Watson's theory, the sole concern of nursing is the promotion of health, prevention of illnesses, restoration of health and the caring for the sick. Its focus is on health promotion and treatment of diseases, and this is entirely in line agreement with my philosophy of professional care (Watson & Woodward, 2010).

Caritas processes

I have identified strongly with the following Caritas processes; firstly, it is the installation of faith-hope. I have connected with it the most because faith offers the patients the purpose and the true meaning of life. Through this, I will have had the ability to give the patients a reason to fight and look forward to their healing and health restoration.

It will be actualized by being present authentically and giving them the sustenance to a sincere belief and the essence of them receiving care. Secondly, is the promotion of sensitivity to one's self and others. As a Caritas process, it will give me the morale to care for the patients impartially and whole-heartedly. Thirdly, it is the exercise of equanimity and kindness from the perspective of consciousness (Watson, 1999).

Evidence Backed Practice (EBP)

Nurses do have the responsibility of making decisions that are backed by evidence, and thus my approach as a nurse will be Evidence Backed Practice (EBP). Therefore, I can show my ability to care by behaving in a manner that is consistent with the standard practice for the registered nurses. I will ensure that I comprehensively conduct patient assessments and analyze the information from my assessments to make enhanced decisions. By doing so, I will be undertaking a sound nursing practice that is evidence backed. I will also be keen to provide quality nursing practice which is very appropriate and safe. It will be highly dependent on the comprehensive assessments that I will have already undertaken. The evidence-based process will involve a hierarchical evaluation of evidence types (Duffield & Catling-Paull, 2009).

Standards of practice

The standards of practice mean that as a nurse it is a requirement that I offer person-centred care. In a nutshell, I will be focusing attention on the needs of the sick but not the needs and wants of the service. Flexibility and the ability to accommodate the views of the patients will, therefore, be prudent in my practice because by so doing I would be making the systems suitable for patients but not the other way. I can show my professional caring by ensuring that training is evidence-based and every step of the five nursing processes is adhered to assure the sound quality of my care. (Orem & Renpenning, 1995).


From above, most nurses may have had access to the theories of care, but they may lack the knowledge of other approaches like the ethics of care theory. Development care is very important for the development of human beings, and it is usually paramount for the physical needs. Care is fundamental to human existence, and it is from this fact that health care ethics are derived (Duffield & Catling-Paull, 2009). When a person selects a nursing profession, the person makes a moral commitment to care for all the patients, and the code of ethics for nurses guide these decisions. Care can be an ethical task or equally a duty towards the necessity to be involved in the patient's needs.


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