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My plot is based on an allegory about a hero written by Robert William Service. The author is describing a psychotic individual that had many murderous impulses. He describes a vivid image of an emotionally troubled individual. The person restrains himself from the rage that was building up within him. The survivor believed he was hurting from inside and sought treatment from a psychiatrist or psychologist. He needed to speak to someone to get the anger out of his head. This is dangerous to him since talking to a physician will make him be enclosed in a cell or even worse in a cell that he cannot escape. His life is at its prime since he is young and the last thing that he wants is to live the rest of his life crying out for help or being tormented by his thoughts. He is restraining himself every time he gets the lust to kill, but he knows that at some point, this thirst will succumb and force him to kill someone. The last option is to focus on God, and the victim asks God’s help before he causes death.

The poem is an interesting monologue which is rapidly paced and exciting to read. The character on the focus is not a hero as the title of the poem foreshadows. There is a twist immediately at the beginning of the line as already the expected hero gets the urges to kill “Three times I had lust to kill”. There is a clear mind battle between the evil and the good thoughts continues in the next stanzas. This is clear since he says that the demon desire to kill is still within him. There is a dilemma in the whole twist that extends when the “hero” confesses to madness “I know I'm mad, I ought to tell”, lets the doctors take care of him “The doctors, let them care for me”, and even being confined in a cell “Confine me in a padded cell”. All these are confusing terns since he wants one thing but later revokes the urges after a deep thought about the topic. He can not want to spend the rest of his years imprisoned in an insane asylum, but on the other hand, he does not have a refuge to turn on. The speaker’s excitement rises and falls as the tension mounts at the end of the rhyme scheme. A suicide scene evident on this passage “And so I'll seek the railway track And lay my head upon the rail And sight the dark and distant train, And hear its thunder louder roll, Coming to crush my cursed brain” resembles a script in a silent movie screen as a cinematic packed action and finally he directs his fears to God “Oh God, have mercy on my soul!”


The poem was written to entertain but its title is an intriguing one. It was supposed to play the role of what a hero is in justifying suicide. This is contrary to the teaching of the Bible, but still, the speaker needs God’s help at the end. The question to ask from the passage is whether insanity pardons suicide. In the right senses, the speaker knows what he wants since he wants to commit suicide and still claim that he fears God. The pem shows some heroic acts since, by him committing suicide, it will save the lives of those he would have killed with his insanity. This is the same character played by the heroes.


Service, R. W. (2003, January 13). A Hero. Retrieved November 18, 2017, from

November 03, 2022

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