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This piece looks to investigate the personal philosophy I expect to explain in my nursing vocation. I trust in the idea of a nursing call that is established in benefit to the all-inclusive community and the ultimate desire to serve those in the most significant need of my services.\u00a0 This career involves more than just treating the disease, but it is instead focused on offering excellent, quality service and care to the patient that comes with a personal touch only felt and explainable by the receiver of these service upon getting better. I believe the nursing profession should offer a holistic approach to care that seeks to put the patient's values as the main priority. A basic piece of the vocation is inter-professional connections, and community endeavors among wellbeing administrations experts to guarantee praiseworthy patient consideration. My reasoning of nursing hence will tend to connect with my locale where wellbeing advancement is a viewpoint I will dependably endeavor to give.<\/p>

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

For an extensive stretch, I have been energized with the thought and liking to advance care to those in desperate need of it, and I am convinced this is the reason that led me to choose a career in nursing. I feel most satisfied when offering my services to these demographics, what's more, my own, proficient disposition is focused with empathy and care in the nursing part.\u00a0 Under the Merriam-Webster's dictionary (2012), philosophy alludes to a determination of the grounds of and thoughts that express pivotal feelings. Preceding joining the nursing calling, it is vital to examine my thoughts and rules that will direct my training. My reasoning of nursing includes the cognizance of pharmaceutical while joining it with merciful, discerning and social minding angles that offers prime regard to each patient. My theory focuses on the strengthening of all patients in giving all-encompassing consideration. This paper will dive into the qualities that I am persuaded are basic in identifying with the administration beneficiaries and associates, my work culture, and the general public, in general.<\/p>

The Nature of Nursing

Nursing is an idea that can't be elucidated in one articulation or word. Nursing is in excess of a calling, something other than treating patients yet rather a model of consideration arrangement and administration conveyance, which is regularly developing. The nursing nature spins around the responsibility to open administration with an obscure want to help those in basic need of these services. I trust that fundamental parts of nursing includes the treatment of infections, aversion of ailment, and the headway of wellbeing, and offering quality and unmatchable consideration to patients. Caring ensures a patient receives what is crucially needed (Austgard, 2006) and I am convinced this dramatically influences the delivery of nursing care. It is my belief that caring goes hand in hand with nursing and an effort to try and distinguish the two is like trying to breathe without oxygen. The idea of nursing should spin around guaranteeing admiration and reverence of human respect to every patient.<\/p>

The nursing nature is other than grounded in science and restorative comprehension.

It is the essential goal to avoid sicknesses and offer treatment to the individuals who are debilitated, and hence needs a base level of the learning of medication to make the nursing proficient pertinent. With the truth that the restorative field is regularly advancing, medical attendants have the obligation to guarantee they are refreshed with the present accepted procedures in the conveyance of most extreme consideration to patients. Thus, nursing is a field that necessities persistent learning and research.<\/p>

Nursing and Patient Care

My philosophy of nursing revolves around a holistic, patient \u2013centered and ensuring care and compassionate patient-nurse interaction when it comes to nursing and patient care. A holistic approach of the patient provides an opportunity for the nursing professional to associate with the patient, where the nurse can comprehend the values of the patient at the relational level. This approach to practice distinguishes doctor\u2019s care from the nurse\u2019s responsibility. Holism includes studying and grasping the biopsychosocial-spiritual interrelationships aspects of the individual, understanding that the full picture is substantially more noteworthy than the aggregate of its components (Dossey, 2010). Subsequently, this indicates, a eclectic nursing approach is not just involved with the patient's corporeal health, yet moreover with the client's profound, enthusiastic and psychological status.<\/p>

Medical attendants, ordinarily, are worried about the patient's solace, since it remains a vital prerequisite for the duration of the life and, all things considered, ought to be considered as an indispensable component in providing care in a holistic approach (Malinoski & Stamler, 2002).

Patients who are comfortable and feel cared for are capable of coping better with illness and have relatively a higher rate of getting better as compare to patients who are not comfortable (Malinoski & Stamler, 2002), and my ultimate goal as a nurse is to ensure that my patients will receive emotional, mental as well as physical comfort in my service provision. It is my central goal to guarantee I give care that is focused on the patient's desires and needs. I am persuaded it is vital for the patients to be made mindful and joined in the consideration, and in this manner I seek to have a community oriented commitment with my patients to guarantee their needs are met.<\/p>

I would prefer my nursing care to spin around building up a trusting and minding association with the patients since setting up a confiding relationship in care is vital as it enables one comprehend the circumstance from the client\u2019s viewpoint and an outright essential for fathoming and accomplishing patients' qualities ( Austard, 2016).

I value what is critical to every patient, even in cases where the patient\u2019s wishes are contrary to mine, it still will be my moral and ethical role to treat and care for those personal needs of the patient and work with the goal of ensuring the highest possible outcome is achieved.<\/p>

Nursing and Healthcare Professionals

Nursing is not just worried about the patient's connections and commitment; however, it is likewise stressed over by relations with other human services experts also. Nursing care cannot be sufficient without the guide of different experts in the healthcare sector.\u00a0 Over time, the relationships in healthcare have been derived from the hierarchal basis, and communication primarily occurred on a vertical base. However, with the evolving nature of healthcare, interdisciplinary teamwork has over time become an essential aspect of care provision to the patient. Being a nurse, I have a bias to having open, truthful, and broad-based engagements with other professionals in the healthcare sector while keeping the needs of my patient\u2019s at heart, ensuring they are the force behind care provision.<\/p>

Communication is an essential element in all relationships, and it is a crucial part of the relationships involved in healthcare provision. The inter-professional collaborative practice has proven to improve outcomes in patients significantly and medical staff retention (Wood et al., 2009), hence collaboration is one issue I am convinced is a critical aspect in my nursing career. I would desire for my relationship with other abled professionals in the healthcare realm to be one of collaboration, rather than competition. As professionals in health care, it is mandatory for us to work and incorporate collaborative models of practice that include inter-professional teams if we are to guarantee ceaseless, steady and dependable care(Wood et al., 2009). This reality bolsters inter-professional collaboration in social insurance and is urgent in guaranteeing the best consideration arrangement to patients. I feel that complete consideration to patients and positive results concerning the patient should be the guiding power behind inter-professional connections in health services.

Nursing and the Work Culture

Work culture alludes to the identity and mentality of a social insurance unit. I am of the supposition that work culture can add to a high degree, the conveyance of patient care. I would prefer a work culture that encompasses open communication, positive attitude, and inter-professional collaboration. Teamwork is a crucial component in my field, and I would prefer to work with a unit that embraces partnership. Communication being a basic pillar that guarantees positive work culture, I would want a culture where the assessment of the entire staff both junior and senior is tuned in to, supported and really esteemed. It is my rationality that a work culture that is positive will affect decidedly on the patient's ethical standing, physical wellness and also the metal and enthusiastic perspective.

Nursing and the Environment and Society

Being a nurse, I am of the opinion that my role in the health sector goes way beyond the hospital environment that I am attached to. Nursing has a disciplinary role to impact on individuals\u2019 health and the society\u2019s overall health (McCurry et al., 2009). I feel that nurses are obliged to promote and ensure the health of the cultures they come from as well as the country at large. As my nursing profession is more than simply an expertise and is an issue that is centered around the support of people in general, it would be horribly exploitative for me as a specialist to disregard my locale's health services needs.<\/p>

\u00a0As a medical attendant, it is crucial that I ensure I come to the aid of my community in addressing its health care together with the whole society in a bigger picture. It is my responsibility to engage actively in matters that involve healthcare in the community and national level, especially issues that touch on smoking cessation and primary prevention in the healthcare sector. I would prefer to be an essential resource for my environment and take a frontline responsibility in healthcare promotion throughout my community.\u00a0 Across the country, nurses ought to assume an active duty in pushing health throughout the country in an effort to work for the safety of all people.\u00a0 It is essential for me as a nurse professional to focus on my community as well as help those with limited access to primary healthcare services, with particular reference to those from underprivileged locations on the planet. I would like to be part of medical trips overseas to promote health care services in areas where access to these services is significantly limited.<\/p>

The vision of Personal Nursing Practice

\u00a0I have a view that the practice of nursing will focus more on what is of the greatest befits to my client. I aspire to establish a trusting and caring relationship, with my clients as well as play a crucial role in their healthcare outcomes. The reality is that at no time in my career or any nurse\u2019s job will two patients be the same, and it is my vision to come up with an individualized care approach to all my patients that is designed for their personal, physical, and emotional requirements. I will everyday esteem every patient and regard his\/her needs and respect. My goal is to engage patients to be dynamic and assume part of the responsibility of their healthcare in the hope of significantly improving their outcomes. I would desire to continue a nursing practice that is congruent with up to date evidence-based best practice, and further extend to engage in critical research and aspire to discover better ways of providing world class services.\u00a0 My nursing practice vision is to deliver reliable and quality care to patients while pushing for the best health practices at the society level.


In this paper, I have critically explored what nursing essentially means, and further learned of principles I value at heart in my nursing practice. Holistic nursing is one aspect I truly value and I would like to ensure that I appreciate each patient and take care of their wants. Respect for all patients at an individual level is crucial in ensuring the dignity of the patients is preserved. My primary objective is to guarantee at all times the focus is on the patient and make sure his\/her values are comprehended. An inter-professional coordinated effort is a perspective I seek to actualize in my nursing vocation in a move to guarantee better treatment to my clients. I would like to be assigned to a work environment that is sound and dynamic and where a free communication is empowered. Nursing is a perspective I intend to reach out past the settings of the healthcare facility in order to guarantee my locale's wellbeing status is enhanced and in addition to my country's wellbeing as well.<\/p>


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