Planned Parenthood persuasive speech

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Thank you so much for giving me this chance to contribute to this very important topic for our great country. The topic of Planned Parenthood has sparked massive and heated discussions in recent weeks, and it is much too important to those around us, which is why we must discuss it. I would emphasize that this is a valuable resource for both men and women in the United States. There are numerous myths in the public sphere that Planned Parenthood's prime purpose is to assist women in obtaining abortions. Let it be understood today that Planned Parenthood is about much more than abortion. This not for profit organization provides the following services among the many: sexuality and gender comprehensive health services; relationships guidance; open forums on sexuality and sex issues, etc (Finer et al., 90). In this country, sexual knowledge is still firmly held to abstinence in many states and having a resource center where youths can acquire information on sexual health concerns has tremendous value. Now I want to share with you the following three reasons why our society needs to embrace Planned Parenthood.

First, it is the leading source of health services to many patients: let it be known today that Planned Parenthood is the major provider and source of care to many people and they entrust it completely with their health needs. According to the Guttmacher report, four in every ten women obtain their care services from family planning hubs like Planned Parenthood in entirety. Besides, consumers depend on Planned Parenthood for various parental and maternal health care services like birth control, vaccinations, cervical and breast cancer screening, etc (Finer et al., 90).

Secondly, it provides affordable health care to low-income people in the community: according to research done in 2013, 78% percent of consumers of Planned Parenthood services had an income level of 150% and below of the federal government poverty level (Hausknecht, 463). Also, half of the patients who seek Medicare at Planned Parenthood are insured by Medicaid, which provides insurance services to the poor people and their families. Besides, centers for Planned Parenthood are located in remote areas where it was difficult to access medical services. This community does not have good access to quality medical services and especially because of their low-income status. The presence of planned health is a blessing to these folks as it ensures that medical services are provided promptly (McCann, 24).

Thirdly, it plays a vital role in bridging the gap of health care disparities: studies reveal that 14% and 22% of the patients in Planned Parenthood are women of color of the African-American and Latino descent respectively (Hess et al., 110). These are two groups which suffer from healthcare disparities related to cervical and breast cancer. These groups are more susceptible to cancer deaths than their white counterparts. An assurance that females of color have access to preventive cancer screening and other complications is fundamental in reducing such discrepancies. Planned Parenthood plays a critical role in making sure that trusted medical services to women from minority groups are accessible.

In conclusion, I will say that statistics are very clear on the significance of Planned Parenthood especially to young adults, men, and women who live in marginalized areas. Politicians should cease their politically instigated attacks on Planned Parenthood and instead channel their energy to improve, expand and protect the program that keeps ladies and their people free from diseases.

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January 05, 2023

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