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254 views 3 pages ~ 617 words
Analysis of If We Must Die Poem by Claude McKay

is a poem written during the Harlem Renaissance period, which took place in New York following the abolishment of slave ...

91 views 2 pages ~ 343 words
The Application of Haiku in Zen Buddhism

Haiku is a short poem, usually consisting of 17 syllables in Japanese. It contains three short lines that evoke emotions...

72 views 6 pages ~ 1447 words
Role of Sound and Imagery in Poems

Poems apart from describing scenarios, telling stories, and allowing poets to express their innate feelings, also have t...

258 views 5 pages ~ 1358 words
A Comparative Analysis of the Ramayana and the Odyssey

The Ramayana and The Odyssey are two poems which were written by exceptional writers many centuries ago. The Ramayana tr...

99 views 4 pages ~ 990 words
The Flower Tree Poem and Aztec Culture

Aztec culture involves Mexicans who made the Aztec empire. The culture was Mesoamerican that contained ethnic groups in ...

227 views 3 pages ~ 577 words
Analysis of "Cello" Poem by Doriane Laux

The poem “Cello” by Dorianne Laux, is all about two trees in the forest, one of which is dead and rubs itself onto the o...

218 views 4 pages ~ 913 words
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing by Maya Angelou

The text, I know why the Caged Bird Sings was authored by Maya Angelou around the 1930s. The book describes her growth a...

300 views 7 pages ~ 1841 words
The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri

Inferno is a narrative poem that was written by Dante Alighieri describing his imagery journey. Dante realized that he h...

119 views 10 pages ~ 2564 words
Criticism on Andrew Marvell’s poem “To his Coy Mistress.”

Andrew Marvell is a famous poet of the sixteenth century, but his work was more prominent in the twentieth century. He w...

75 views 4 pages ~ 947 words
Comparison of Allen Mandelbaum’s and Charles Martin’s Translations of the Myth of Hippomenes and Atlanta

            The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze the translations of the myth of “Atlanta and Hippomenes” ...

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