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Saga is a term for a protracted tale of valor, particularly one written in Old Icelandic or Old Norse during the Middle Ages. A lengthy narrative, series, or description of events may also be included (Ryan, 2009). A 500-page epic concerning slavery in the 18th century or "a continual narrative of unanticipated failures by prominent institutions" are two examples of sagas (Ryan, 2009).

Saga can be quite helpful in enhancing an organization's performance and putting organizational strategies into action. Saga helps to properly comprehend an organization's past, making it a potent instrument for influencing that organization's future. Additionally, saga plays an essential role in inspiring collective efforts and helping in devising smart strategies for the organization’s future (Ryan, 2009).

Also, the use of saga in communicating an organization’s history can be helpful in instilling a sense of purpose and identity, as well as suggesting realistic goals. Besides, saga forms a rich explanatory tool with which organization leaders can make a case for transformation and motivate employees or learners to overcome challenges (Ryan, 2009).


Folktale refers to a narrative, usually of anonymous authorship, that contains legendary elements, created and shared orally among the common people (Cardigos, 2004). Examples of Folktales include stories such as “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Cinderella,” and the “Little Mermaid,” among others. Folktales provide fantastic accompaniments on the basic human existence elements such as marriage, birth, love, and work among others. Folktales usually use symbols in explaining larger abstract concepts (Cardigos, 2004).

Folktales play a pivotal role in developing oral language skills among students in learning institutions. They help students to become fluent writers, readers, and thinkers, thus preparing them to be effective communicators in workplaces (Cardigos, 2004). Besides, the use of folktales in learning institutions and workplaces forms a perfect strategy for fostering international communication skills, as well as creating cultural diversity awareness among the learners and employees. Folktales, therefore, help in developing a rich heritage among the learners and staff, thus enabling them to express themselves, as well as learn about the diverse backgrounds of their colleagues (Cardigos, 2004).


A myth refers to a traditional or legendary story, usually about a hero, or an event, with or without the use of factual explanations (Fischer, 2007). Myths often revolve around demigods and are used to describe some practices, rites, and natural phenomena. Myths usually involve supernatural beings and historical events. An example of a myth is the ancient Greeks' belief that Zeus, 'an invisible god,' created the world (Fischer, 2007).

Myths are primary elements of human culture, and they play an essential role in teaching moral lessons in organizations and learning institutions, as well as explaining their historical records. The use of myths enhances creativity in literary works, especially in learning institutions, as well as innovation in organizations (Fischer, 2007). Besides, the use of myths makes it possible to understand an organization’s culture in a much better and more deeply manner by knowing and appreciating its past, visions, and strategies (Fischer, 2007).


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