Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

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The novel Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

The novel Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser is a classic. It is the story of a young woman who moves to the big city, where she becomes a famous actress and the mistress of several upper class men. The book has been praised as the greatest American urban novel. In this article, we will look at the book and some of its themes.

Despite the novel's premise

Despite the novel's premise, Sister Carrie is not a moral novel. The story is more a collage of details, which are woven into the story. Dreiser's emphasis on details is a reflection of his belief that things determine our fortunes. It is a stark contrast to the conventional literature of the time.

Sister Carrie has received praise

Sister Carrie has received praise as one of the best novels of the twentieth century. In the novel, an ordinary country girl escapes the drudgery of her small town and makes a life for herself in the city. She becomes the mistress of two men and a stage star in New York. The book has been called the best American novel of the twentieth century. It gives a vivid view of city life and American culture.

Sister Carrie was Dreiser's debut novel

Sister Carrie was Dreiser's debut novel. It was published on 8 November 1900 in a limited edition of 1008 copies. Of these, 129 were sent to reviewers and 465 were sold, while the rest were turned over to a remainder house. The novel was so well received that it was published in Britain two years later.

Sister Carrie begins as a story

Sister Carrie begins as a story about an aspiring stage actress. As she becomes increasingly conscious of her poverty, she begins to long for the luxury of a city in late nineteenth century America. As a result, she becomes a star and receives a boatload of money. However, she feels isolated and alone.

After Carrie's move to Chicago

After Carrie's move to Chicago, she meets Drouet, a traveling salesman. He is a kind man and buys Carrie a meal. He is a romantic interest of Carrie. Although Drouet is egotistical, he is also generous.

The novel Sister Carrie has a strong influence

The novel Sister Carrie has a strong influence on American realism. Dreiser was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1871 and experienced a rocky childhood. In 1892, Dreiser was employed by a newspaper in Chicago and was a prolific magazine writer in the late 1890s. Sister Carrie was Dreiser's first novel and became an inspiration to many other American writers of the genre.

Carrie is a woman with a dream

Carrie is a woman with a dream. The book follows her journey through life. She is not the same person she was when she was younger. She has dreams of stardom, but finds out that material things don't satisfy. Eventually, she meets a rich merchant couple who become her friends. Later, she meets another actress named Lola Osborne.

Carrie's first love interest is Charles Drouet

Carrie's first love interest is Charles Drouet, a member of the Order of the Elks. He is trying to recruit Carrie to be the lead actress in the production "Under the Gaslight". He is impressed with her acting abilities, and encourages her to take the role. However, Drouet confronts her about Hurstwood's wife, and Carrie becomes angry with Hurstwood.

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